Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Reynaldo Lachica R.I.P.: A Tribute From Michael Bangar

Hi dear readers,

A Little Tribute To Our  Brother In Music - The Late Mr. Reynaldo Lachica. Condolences to the family.

14/03/1931 - 14/07/2020. 

Bro' Reynaldo Lachica (we used to be neighbours in the East Coast: Bedok South, Singapore) was a superb  multi-instrumentalist. 
He learnt the Violin in his childhood years and went on to take up his other instruments - the Clarinet,  Saxophone &  Flute. He came on the music scene, with his 2 other late brothers. Their musical times were the pre-Rock & Roll era. He did gigs & shows of that period - playing at clubs & cabarets & for the British Military Forces stationed here. Maybe Bro' Horace Wee can elaborate more on this. 

He then joined Radio Singapore & played with their Orchestra & Big Band. And when SBC was formed, they merged with Radio Singapore. When it all became Media Corp, Reynaldo & many others left, for their own reasons. He then went on to do free lance gigs, like the rest of us, until his retirement. 

Reynaldo was a great musician & a great friend to all who knew him. Need mentioning too, he was the father of the late founding member of The Flybaits - Gerry Lachica. 

RIP Reynaldo Lachica. 

We Are Gonna Miss You. 

Hey  Everyone. I am writing from memory. My Sincerest Apologies For Any Mis-Information. 

Michael Bangar.

Thanks to Michael for writing this tribute without giving him much time and preparation.

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