Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Happy Lunar New Year 2020 - (年鼠年快乐) Year of The Mouse (Rat)

My mouse mascot this year is famous Speedy Gonzales who will appear again soon.  Have a jolly good holiday my dear friends and blog supporters who are on Blog-Spot, YouTube,  Facebook, Twitter and my personal email.

Enjoy life while you may and listen to all the music you love, because they don't make them like they used to during the 60's - earlier and afterwards.

Music and dance, with Lunar New Year songs from the 60's and traditional Chinese dances in colourful silk samfoos, gowns and CNY dresses worn today in China and elsewhere.

In traditional Chinese custom, everything you wear must be new. Hee Hee.

Zhang Lu (張露), who will be introduced in the next posting, sings I Want Your Love, Wo Yau Ni Teh Ai, (我想你的爱) a beautiful piece and one any Chinese educated person would have learnt in his or her lifetime.

(張露-我想你的爱) Zhang Lu: I Want Your Love: Wo Ai Ni Teh Ai. Video from Zzenzero. Thank you.

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The poster below is from Freda Hanum of The Teepees. Thanks Freda.
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ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

For a greener earth.
Happy Lunar New Year everyone.


Victor Woo’s instrumental on a Chinese New Song is a hot favourite on Brian Richmond’s vintage showcase


Gorgeous dresses


Very colorful and exotic costumes.

That Zhang Lu kind of song reminds me of my late mother's time, that still ringing in my head. Anyway wishing you "Gong Xi Fa Chai , Ang Pao Na Lai!!" 😀

Used to say it whenever I greet uncles, aunties those days when small....and I still use it when I wish old friends , just a fun gesture Andy.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Freda.
Wish you KONG XI FA ZAI too.
Hope you have a great CNY.
And the others who LIKE this greeting, thank you.

facebook chats said...

Thanks to the following for New Year Greetings
Freda Hanum
Stephen Han
Rose Khoo
Ann Rowena Lim
Belinda Poh
Herry Jusuf
Tan Andrew

matt jsl tan said...

i did not forget those who prefer the old original rockabilly..

this is for horace wee (my old boss at his brimstone records and session pal for reverend jim minchin gospel album published in new zealand.. horace for me and amir play on that session), reggie verghese (ex-quest..we met at emi studio and actually was planning my comeback as a trio with reg on gtr..but did not happen as i last minute decided i prefer to go to london, and then emigrated to canada), vivian nonis (the man responsible for giving me my first guitar lesson..via an introduction from his neighbor, dennis d' classmate).