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Andy 60's Music Happy New Year Photos 2020 Auld Lang Syne

YouTube Videos of Winston Koh and Perry Koh are included. 
These two gentlemen are not related.

November and December 2019 with earlier months thrown in were interesting times for the blog. Meeting new friends and a trip to camel and desert country made the year all the more exciting. I try to connect songs that I learnt as a child in Singapore with my recent adventure.

Music makers support one another: Pat 'King' Koh's (2nd right)
performance at the Esplanade 2019, had an audience of
friends like Gregory, brother Perry Koh, Rickie, Andy, Laurence
and Pat himself with Ernesto. Pat has a show in Hawaii currently.
My birthday candles sheltered by a gentle palm
as they were being lighted. It was November end...
These two pretty ladies sang too.
She's definitely the prettiest lady singer in Singapore.  Alexandra Hsieh 
hits beautiful notes singing the best selection of jazz classics.
And she tap dances too, exqusitely.
A wise quote from a man who knows his wife well.
Or learn it the hard way. You'll never win.
Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing
Tan Soo Khoon who's had a huge birthday bash
at his home this year. I missed the bash but caught him 
singing Sloop John B? on video.
Today: Anna Law from Girl Group The Teepees:
Singer, guitarist and cheer leader.
Hubby Vincent (below) is very supportive. Fantastic.

Jimmy Appuduria-chua, one of the most polite musicians.  Friendly, helpful, he is also a humble guy. So many write-ups about Jimmy in the international papers about his ability and prowess on the solid guitar. He's a living legend and lives in England.
Sheik of Araby by Michael Alf Trio: One of the best instrumental versions currently. Video from YouTube by ulivids: Uli van Royen.
Here's Belinda Poh who wrote two articles that made a sensation on the blog.
Her common sense approach to problem solving kept many people reading her posts. She had a few thousand readers in a short time. Thanks Belinda. We've yet to meet. And with her hubby too.
Steve Ho and Peter Han from Tokyo Square busk at a shop in Upper Bukit Timah Road. I managed to visit them. Together they are regulars at China Town and Kreta Ayer Chinese Theatre.
Steve Ho with his Busker Boys is on YouTube. Check him out soon.
Another unassuming musician who doesn't tell the world he's the best. Tony Ng is one great keyboardist and peranakan who gets along fine. He plays often for charity.
Jimmy Chan with Sandy Loo and friend. It's Ernesto again. He's appearing everywhere on this blog. Jimmy tinkles on the piano keys, Ernesto strums.

With Chew Hee Hong, after the cruise concert, a great lunch at the Mandarin and chicken rice. Hee Hong is a pop 60's music enthusiast and a fan.

Winston Koh sings Cliff. Always a health enthusiast, Winston has walked most of Bukit Batok and the Jurong greens. He knows Cliff's repertoire so well, he's sung 95% of them.
Winston Koh sings: Move It.
Here's Perry Koh again, a picture I stole from his profile. Perry, like Alexandra sings the jazz classics, crooning too like his dad, Walter Koh (Singapore's Pat Boone). They belong to a well known Peranakan family of entertainers. You should listen to him sometimes with 'Fly Me To The Moon' and 'New York, New York.'

A childhood friend, Paul Ibrahm (centre), used to sing with The Velvetones, then proceeded to fame with Tania. He's  still in touch when we said hello on the internet. Quiet and a lady-crusher with his good looks, Paul is still the usual nice guy. Next to him is Ahmad Albar, Indonesia's #1 rocker, from the band, Godbless and his wife, Dewi.
Yen has kept in touch for some time and organised a lunch recently. She is an independent thinker and helped me with some research on Chinese songs I posted, sometimes with her dad's help. Doesn't call me 'Sir' anymore. Also an art lover and artist. Thanks Yen.
He's a great man and reading Tolle helps us to consider that we need to control our Ego within. Suggestion that we separate E, from GO and let it go. From an old book, 'The New Earth'. Like my poster? It's original. 
It wasn't really an official visit. But he came all the way up to the 15th and there we were. The former President is 1.85m tall. I didn't mention if this scene is Singapore. Fun and games. I guess this picture is an ego booster? 😐
Here's someone who helped me buy the John Lennon semi-solid smooth and slim guitar I wanted. With Michael Bangar we were at Swee Lee where I met Helmi (left), the expert with drums and guitars. Thanks Charlie Yap. I have still to buy the guitar though. 
With the SGCC group at the Bar and Eddie in red.
I'm no drinker but just to support them as a coffee man.
Good friend Larry Lai, Rediffusion DJ (in a white jacket) and wife Selina.
The Sheikh of Araby. Great song. So is the car.

You know the 60's rock n roll term, "Dig that crazy chick". But there's also another term using dig, like, 'I'm just taking a dig at someone..."
Yes, we're just taking pleasant digs at everyone. Cheers.

Stolen from Facebook and
other sources all over the world
but mostly from my iPhone Collection



Well done Andy, nice setup to end 2019. 👍🏼👍🏼Great, Cheers!


Andy, you read Eckhart Toile's The New Earth too?
Yay, we have lots of things to talk about, next time we meet!!!


Andy, are they your new set up for 2020...tall n handsome.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Wow Irene, that's interesting. I believe strongly his concept of the 'pain body'. It works out well in plain English. 'Next time we meet'? Hmmm. Hi Sui Pang. You must read the whole post la. They are music friends not a future band group. Cheers.

Perry Brady Koh said...

Your music blog posts always intrigue me because you seem to be able to breathe new life to what many label as "yesteryears".
Freda Hanum will vouch with me how you have been instrumental in bringing her group, The Teepees out of their retirement to prove to themselves that they've still got it in them to entertain others with their music.
Thank you for keeping the spirit of music so alive in Singapore with your engaging blogs. As I define it often...."without music, life would Bb."
Keep on inspiring us, Andy and don't you stop singing yourself.

Perry Brady Koh

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you.
You've inspired me too,
In so many ways.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Freda Hanum
Stephen Han
Winston Koh
Hiroshi Deguchi
Jimmy Appudurai-chua
Rose Khoo
Ann Rowena Lim
Belinda Poh
Jennie Law
Yen Chow
Koh Sui Pang
Peter Lim
Irene Yap
Top Gunter
Yip Dick
Tracy Ng
Kali Dass S
Jimmy Fong
Perry Koh
Bernard Hamon
Van Der Beek Philip
James Kwok
Mark Tan
Raymond Cho
Ser Kiong Tan

Thanks to the above for supporting this photo album


It was my honour to have met you mate

PETER LIM said...

Great photo, Andy.. 👍👍😅😅


How appropriately positioned you are here, Andy. The "centrepiece" that brings us all together through our music.��


you make us feel appreciated Andy and makes our efforts in music worthwhile. Kudos

MAI (MYANMAR) said...

Dear Andy,

I hope you are well. I am sorry for not writing often. I think time flies when we are in our forties.

Here's wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy holiday season!

Best wishes


Dear Andy,
Thanks for the reply.
You had great holiday.
We're are glad to hear that!
We wish you a happy smile and a good year 2020.