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Andy's 60's Music: Sunny Low & Dancers Friendly Chats

Chatting about Sunny Low and Dancers

There was friendly chatter about Sunny Low which I think should be posted. Below are some of them who know Sunny on stage during their performances. 
Hopefully readers get a better knowledge of the kind of camaraderie music friends had in the 60's.
Winston Koh who sings and sounds like Cliff Richard:

During 60's whenever I appeared on Singapore TV shows it was an honour to have the backing of the Sunny Low Dancers most of the time. Besides, Sunny had another male dancing partner by the name of Victor Koh. 

Great to know the Poh San Studio is still very active. Well done Mr Sunny Low.

Andy Young 
Thank you Winston. You are blessed to be able to sing on TV and be backed by Sunny's dancers. It's a privilege indeed. Cheers.

Sunny Low is on TV again, a documentary about him and his family of dancers. I'm so glad. Another one of our many 60's music heroes but as a dancer. 

Below are more fond memorable comments about Sunny.

Peter Cheong 
Sunny n Betty Low of Poh San dance studio. They were iconic dancers who appeared on TV often in the 60s.

Stephen Han 
I used to see Sunny and Betty Low dancing on stage at school fun fairs,various cinema halls and on TV.I witnessed them winning the Cha Cha Cha dance contest at the Great World Cabaret.

The most memorable event was when Sunny took the stage at Majestic Theatre to dance with popular Hong Kong actress,Grace Chan aka Ker Lan.  In the 60s most of the actors and famous film stars from Hong Kong learn dancing from Sunny Low.

Grace Chang in Mambo Girl who learnt some from Sunny Low according to Stephen Han.

Andy Young 

Again thank you Peter and Stephen for the information you both provided. I am glad he and his family are featured on Toggle TV where effort by our local SG population is recognised nation wide.

Alfredo Wongo

"Great piece of write up on Sunny Low and his grand daughter Tasha Low . Was once Sunny’s student in Ballroom dancing Waltz but didn’t persevere after  four lessons."
Freda Hanum
Oh my Andy, the unforgettable Sunny Low Dancers, it's also my most unforgettable times with them in the late 60's. Sunny and Betty Low was my dancing instructors, I feel so at home at the Poh San Dance Studio each time I go for my practices. 

I was picked to dance with them in the popular Chinese Variety Show too. Unfortunately when I started to begin my music career, I feel so sad to turn down his offered to train me for the ballroom competition in Japan with his younger brother. I chose music over dancing. 

I would be so glad to get in touch with Sunny and his whole family again. Wow he too will be shocked to hear from me. 

Thanks Andy, you brought back the great memory for us.

Andy Young
Thanks Freda. I think you did the right moves: to sing and play keyboard. I'm sure you would have made it as a dancer too... Thanks for the nostalgia. Without great contributors like you, the blog would've had no shine. Cheers.
Irene Yap
Really nice to read about Sunny and his family! Now reading all that is being shared by so many here is just great! It's bringing back wonderful memories of yesteryear! He choreographed a solo dance for me at the Cathay Restaurant when I was 16!! He was the best!!
Rose Khoo 
Featured On the red dot
Michael Lee 
Hi Andy, during my time was Low Poh Sun, Sunny's dad. My nieces and nephews and their partners learnt dancing at the Sunny dance studio during their younger days. 

Just to add, I don't dance, however my dad's band did often provide the ballroom dance music. 

If my fried brain memory is correct, the iconic ballroom in Singapore then was none other than the Grand Raffles ballroom, the iconic tango was La Cumparsita and the iconic ballroom dancer was Low Poh Sun and partner with my dad's band De' Combo Alacat often providing the music. 

The tango is not easy to dance but very beautiful and graceful when well performed and needless to say Low Poh Sun and partner was one of the best in the late 50's and early 60's. Cheerio
Tango: La Cumparsita Video from Ercaliffo 1 (14 million viewers.)

Andy Young 
Again, many thanks to IRENE, ROSE and MICHAEL for the pieces of information and comments. I shall convey these messages to Sunny myself. He remembers well and conducts tango and waltz lessons currently. Also a big thank you to the others who LIKE this post. Cheers everyone.

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ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Michael again thank you for the information provided.
I'm glad we met face to face in Singapore and you showed me what a kind person you are. Because of the content provided this chat has been posted on the blog currently.

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SUNNY LOW said...

Commenting on blog post:

Wow!!! Have not seen them for ages.
Send them my best regards.

Hey when he comes back, he is going to get
Jeffrey to have a get together.
You please come and join us.

Wishing your show a great success.