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Andy 60's Music: Asian Flower Power: Steve Farram

An all male group called 'Fabulous Orchids' and a Ms Singapore runner-up who became a singer. When Dr. Steven Farram wrote in and provided the list below, I realised many readers  are not familiar with some of these local and Asian 60's artistes, so I have provided some vinyl-cover and magazine illustrations to enhance Steve's information. And it's all because of Ms Yen Chow's flower power in the art class.

I am just wondering now how many of these flowers are still singing. Anyone?

Thanks Steve.
Hi Andy,

What artists whose names are flowers? All the ones in the list below are 1960's Singapore-Malaysia recording artists except as indicated.

Dara Puspita (flower girls - Indonesia - 2015 RS magazine cover)
Doea Melati (two jasmines – Indonesia-Netherlands)
Fabulous Orchids (from Pontian)

Lily Chao (HK)
Lily Sjarif (Indonesia)

Lili Wong

Lotus Liew
Madam Rose (HK)
Orchid Abdullah

Rima Melati (jasmine - Indonesia)
Rose (she had at least three EPS in mid-1960s Singapore/Malaysia)
Rose Iwanaga

Sakura Teng (cherry blossom)
Titiek Puspa (flower - Indonesia)
Violet Tong

Images: Google.
Article by Dr. Steven Farram.
Violet Tong.
Rose Iwanaga and The Avengers
Lily Sjarif
Lily Chao from Hong Kong.


ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Freda Hanum
Stephen Han
Rose Khoo
Ann Rowena Lim
Peter Cheong
Koh Sui Pang
Tan Ser Kiong
James Kwok
Tan Andrew

Thanks to the above for the positive response.

facebook chats said...

From THE TEEPEES to DARA PUSPITA, another power band from the 70's.
But check out what powers they and the other sweet ladies have.
And all because Ms Yen Chow drew a flower during her art class.

Andy Young
Thanks Rose, Ann and Ser Kiong for some flower power.

Freda Hanum
Yes I've heard of this Indonesia girl group, Dara Puspita, good and popular too at that time, but cannot remember exactly where, maybe on TV.

Andy Young
Thanks Freda. They have recorded a good number of songs.

Freda Hanum
Yes Andy and I remember I admired their dressing too.

Andy Young
PUSPITA means 'flower' in Bahasa Indonesia. That's why Steve has included them in the list. Surabaya group.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

There were hundreds of singers and bands in Singapore alone during the 1960's and 70's.
Many of the lady singers adopted western names like: Lily, Rose, Orchid because these were common flowers found in Singapore.

Other names included: Violet, Heather, Ivy, Jasmine, Iris and Daisy.

Also with Chinese names, which are difficult to pronounce, and everybody aping the West and going the US and British way, the Chinese, including other Asians prefer to adopt English sounding names.

Still on flowers.

Flowers are also favourite topics for pop songs of yesteryear. Those days the world was rosier, sprouting with goodness and cheer after the terrible aftermath of the Second World War so we have positivity flying around. People hug and kiss each other and FLOWER POWER was in and the hippies went hip:

Tiptoe Through the Tulips
Roses Are Red
San Francisco (Be Sure To Wear Some Flowers)
Flowers for Mama
Crimson and Clover
Rose Garden
Yellow Rose of Texas
Roses are Red
The Rose
Run for the Roses
You Don't Bring me Flowers
18 Yellow Roses
Paper Roses
You Don't Bring Me Flowers Anymore.

This list will never end.

FL said...

Hi, Andy, I just remember 3 more songs about flowers, as follow:
1. Red roses for a blue lady
2. Where have all the flowers gone
3. Flowers of Scotland

I think there are many more and it takes time to recall them. Best wishes to all your contributors and readers in your blog !!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi FL,

Thank you so much for your contribution.
It's always a pleasure to have you on board a posting where you deliver your share of the presents.

I must check out 'Flowers of Scotland' because I'm not familiar with it.
Always appreciate your informative comments.
Warm regards.

Unknown said...

I had only seen the “Cherry Blossom” aka Sakura Teng singing in the 60s.The first time I saw her performance was at the Shamrock Lounge in Dublin Road,then at various venues like the Palace Theatre,the Midnight Express at Capitol Theatre and the Ker Tai At New World.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Unknown,
Thanks for coming on to provide some light about Ms Sakura Teng's performance venues.
Yes, she was a very busy and entertaining lady singer, with her music abilities on stage.
She dances, she prances, she yodels and excites the audiences with her charming English patois.
She does many languages too.
In short, she's a delight on stage.