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Andy 60s Music 'Elvis Presley Tribute Show 2019' Comments

Like what this blog's viewers say. Nothing like Elvis singing his own songs. But then he's gone, a long time ago and this is one way to relive some of his goldies, with pop stars singing his hits in their own style with their own interpretation.

If only our local boys would interpret Presley songs likewise, they'll be so much more entertaining and meaningful, rather than trying to imitate an American Caucasian who's more famous than any singer on earth. It's not wrong though and could be fun to watch. But then...

I like our Elvis Tribute Artistes (ETA) and some of them perform well. Wilson David is one, Jimmy Preslee is impressive with his sideburns and sparkling suits; HT Long from Malaysia is exceptional; don't forget Rocky Teoh who is still remembered today. 

Now the above show; I love Mr. Davies singing his own composition. Adam Lambert was hot with his blue outfit, right down to the shoes. My best song interpretation was Love Me by the three ladies called Pistol Annies. In fact all of them carried Mr Presley's hits so well I would love to have more of these tributes. 

What about you?

Comments on the Elvis Tribute Show 2019 below. 

The video has been deleted because of Copyrights issues and other technical problems. Apologies.

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 SPYeo said...
After viewing the video, I really don't know how to respond to it.
Just can't get that feel of that rock n roll era of the 60s.
Just can't connect to it.
No nostalgia pull.
Perhaps the ambience is amiss.
The audience (today's youth) and the singers (even the lady singer) can't connect e.
Sorry, I just can't feel the ambience nostalgically.
Maybe I prefer originality.

For me all these popular artistes of the day ruin The King's music.
Nobody can do Elvis like the Man himself.
The same goes for The Beatles.
I have seen a few tribute shows over the years by famous artistes of the period.
TAH BOLEH LAH.(They can't).
I prefer the very good lookalikes/impersonators.
Just my honest opinion.

The trouble with our locals is they try to imitate Elvis and also dress like him.
It's best to sing in your own style like what you do with MEAN WOMAN BLUES.
If possible the music should be re-arranged to suit the singing.
I'm not too sure about our Elvis Tribute Artistes.
(This note is in answer to your write-up on your posting. Nothing personal.)

I think a lot of people are forgetting that this is an Elvis TRIBUTE.
It's not an Elvis impersonator competition.
The looks on the performers' faces tell you that they are honored to be a part of the show.
No one can duplicate the King.
Ed Sheeran's guitar and subtle choir rendition was very nice.
The string accompaniment on "Love Me Tender" was beautiful.
These singers and their arrangements are their the way a serviceman salutes the flag, or, how we stand for the national anthem.
They're not trying to imitate Elvis...


 SPYeo said...
Hi Andy,
A matter of clarification...
And now inadvertently I'm dragged into the game.
Some readers may have misconstrued my meaning.
We all know this was a tribute to Elvis to honour him.
But what I mean is that PERSONALLY I can't relate myself to it because only originality is able to provide me the nostalgic ambience.
Besides whenever I desire to listen to any pop king or queen of the past I'll certainly play the original songs.
Of course this purely is my personal predilection.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...
Hi guys,
Thank you all for the immediate response to this Elvis Tribute Show.
NBC, we must thank them and the person who delivered it on YouTube del7iero, another big thank you.

The King sits on his throne watching down and he'll never leave his building in that great blue yonder.

Jennifer Lopez sings: Heartbreak Hotel as she would do it always, in her usual sensuous way.

DAISY KOH said...
Lovely tribute but nobody sings it like Elvis.

 STEPHEN HAN said...
I like Rocky Teoh’s voice but no one can sing like Elvis Presley.
His voice was unique and his songs were lively and pleasant to our ears.

JENNIFER LOPEZ was awful...

The songs that Elvis chose to sing became legendary because
he knew how to calibrate emotion and lyrics to produce the unforgettable
musical moment. Such a rare talent!

 FL said...
Hi, Andy, a tribute to Elvis Presley is more a way to remember the rock and roll star for what he was. Generations and generations of people all over the world can reminisce Elvis's past thru his songs, movies, concerts, etc. The first time I listened to Elvis's songs was from a juke box in the late 1950s as a kid. I remember clearly in one of the pre-war shophouses in Anson Rd was a small entertainment shop with pinball games, table soccers, other games, etc and not forgetting a multi-colored lighted juke box with many 45 rpm vinly records at the shop entrance. The shop was patronised mainly by ang moh sailors in the evenings. People of the older generation like myself would be able to recall those good old days, and Evis songs, too.

 ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...
Hello FL,
You have always been so supportive of this blog that if I collect all your reviews and comments they would make one long, interesting and informative essay about the stars and stories on 60s music.
Again thank you very much for the above write-up on Elvis and your own personal experience at Anson Road. This story you provided is very rare indeed because I have never seen this shop nor heard about it.
The multi-coloured lighted juke-box is rare indeed especially when it lights up in a darkened room in the evening. The ang-mohs (Caucasians) must either be folks from the uniform personnel or visitors from other countries.
Cheers and God Bless you FL.

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