Monday, September 30, 2019

Hong Kong Protests Bring Back Pop 60s Music (香港抗议 60S 音乐, 是)

This Connection Post is dedicated to my school mate Yeo Choon Meng
who loves HK Pops. Thanks, Meng, hope you enjoy the music and stories.

The poster above is for illustration only since some of the music stars have passed away.

  UP TO 1,200     

The Hong Kong protests and riots have lasted for some months now. It is indeed in a sad state of affairs. 

Let's hope the situation will improve and the island will once again turn on its neon lights to dazzle, sparkle and illuminate itself. In music history, HK has one of the most excellent entertainment industry on this side of the world. It must channel its forceful creativity back to the energetic island that used to spell the best in popular culture.

I have, in the past years, posted many articles about Hong Kong's 60s and 70s pop musicians and singers. Most of the artistes have strong ties with the island.

Below are some connections that may interest you.

Irene Ryder sings 'You Don't Have To Say You Love Me'. Thank you.

Shao Fong Fong:

The Fabulous Echoes 1:

The Fabulous Echoes 2:

Irene Ryder (Part One)
The Wynners: I'll Never Dance Again. One of the top HK groups in the 70s.

Irene Ryder (Part Two)

Teresa Teng, Mummy, Mahjong and Audie Ng:

Mona Fong:

Jimmy Lin Chong:

The Wynners:

Anders Nelson, MING:

The poster above is for illustration only. The group is 'Danny' Diaz and The Checkmates.


Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,
I think that Singapore had the edge on Hong Kong in the 60s in terms of original and exciting pop music, but there were still plenty of great artists from Hong Kong as well. In addition to your list I would offer Anders Nelson and his different bands from the 1960s (pre-Ming); definitely Teddy Robin & the Playboys; the Mystics; the Corsairs (great instrumentals); Kong Ling; Billy Tam; and a bit of the Zoundcrackers; Joe Jr & The Side Effects; and Fung Po Po. These are just some of the ones I have on vinyl.
Best wishes and hope the haze clears up soon.


Hong Kong Protests should stop and Pop music begins again. Cheers.:-)
A post connection to many HK singers and Pop Groups.

Stephen Han
I remember Mona Fong singing “The Wedding”in the movie,” The Lark”
True enough she got hitched with Run Run Shaw.

Freda Hanum
Wow-what an astounding article Andy, so much to read and with their beautiful songs.
Hong Kong is indeed a great movie industry with countless movie superstars, singers, and bands from way way back years already.
I loved all of them from a very young age.
I just don't know where to begin, it would take a book to write about them hahaha😁
Yes Hong Kong is indeed facing a very sad situation now. 😞

Andy Young
Thanks to you both for the constant and immediate replies.
And Jimmy, Ser Kiong and Yen Chow for LIKING post.
Yes, Freda.
You are so knowledgeable about your musician friends and Stephen with yours too.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Steve,

Thanks for the comments and the list of HK pop singers and bands Steven. Yes, the CDs are readily available under Uncle Ray's collection of HK pop hits by numerous artistes from the 60s and 70s. Let's hope the haze disappears soon.

FL said...

In the 60s, besides Josephine Siao, there were other famous HK singers-cum-actresses like Nancy Sit, Connie Chan, Fung Po Po, and many more. Their films and songs were also coincided with the A-go-go era. It was a swinging 60s and mini-skirts were popular with the ladies then. During those years, vinyl records were selling like hot cakes !

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi FL,
Yes very true.
The stars you mentioned also make frequent visits to Singapore to perform.
Yes, a-go-go music and off-beat cha cha were the order of the day.

Thanks FL. You have always provided the extra details for the blog postings.