Saturday, August 03, 2019

National Day Parade Theme Songs (1998-2005) QUIZ

Kit Chan and Stephanie Sun: Popstars born in Singapore.

Are you able to name the titles of these National Day Parade theme songs?

1998 -      H:          KIT CHAN
1999 -      T:           EVELYN TAN
2000 -      SOE:      JAI WAHAB
2001 -      WIB:      TANYA CHUA
2002 -      WWGT:   STEFANIE SUN 
2003 -      OUP:      STEPHANIE SUN
2004 -      H:          KIT CHAN, JJ LIN
Evelyn Tan and Tanya Chua: They are both successful in their own way.

Another lot will come up soon before 9th August 2019.
There are no prizes but if you know all of them, man, you're a true blue Singaporean.
Jai Wahab, JJ Lin, and Taufik Batisah: 
All Singaporeans and again the three have different profiles.

When we had no National songs to sing:
Stephanie Sun with 'One United People' (2003) NDP Theme Song.

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