Tuesday, August 06, 2019

Julai Tan Legend: Violinist: R.I.P.

Julai Tan has passed away this morning, according to news from WhatsApp. sources and musician friends.

Horace Wee wrote:

A violinist, a musician and an old friend passed on this August 6th morning at 94 years. 
It's been a privilege to have known and played with Julai Tan.

May God Bless him. Rest in Peace Julai.

Good-bye from all of sir, us. Condolences to his family.

Read the two postings below:


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Dear Julai Tan has passed away this morning. Two postings about him, one by Horace Wee who met him not too long ago.

Terence Lee

Jimmy Appudurai-chua:
Saddens me lovely man. He provided the strings for the Straydogs REPENT, and spoke well about our band.
RIP julai.
You will always be in our hearts.

Davy Chan

Stephen Han
RIP Julia Tan, truly a great violinist

Peter Cheong
The passing of a legend.

JAN CHEONG said...

I don't know him personally.
But I saw him chatting with my musician friends.
I heard that he could make a girl cry just by playing his violin.

I met him because I grew up in a kampong with many Filipino musicians.


Hi Andy,
the passing away of a talented and accomplished violist. He played for my niece's wedding in 1983 playing - The wedding waltz. My dad played the alto sax. Sadly my dad later that day, had a ruptured stomach, ended in hospital. He died a few months later on 1 Dec 1983 due to a blundered surgery.

Andy Young
Thanks so much, Michael for sharing with our friends on FB. It is indeed sad to hear about your dad who had passed away and the death of Mr Tan today. God Bless and may they Rest In Peace.

Michael Lee
Yes, may all the wonderful musicians, singers, and entertainers - we were quite a close-nit community - Rest in Peace.

Jennie Law:


Michael Lee
Hi Andy, just to add, Julai and my dad loved kronchong music -
Julai on violin and my dad on banjo mandolin -
playing all the songs listed on the album and more.
I still have the music notes of kronchong songs.

Koh Sui Pang
RIP Julia Tan ...🙏🙏🙏

Freda Hanum
May his soul rest in peace Julai Tan ...🙏🙏🙏

Andy Young
Hey Michael thanks, yes I remember your love for kroncong too.
Lovely they are: the musicians and the music.
Thanks to Sui Pang and Freda for the condolences.


My father would have remembered him.
He too passed away at 94, 2 months ago.

Unknown said...

Yes he can make us cry with his violin. I have his vinyl on krontjong music...

Elena Tan said...

Descansa en Paz.
yo soy su hija Elena Tan, de su mujer Española.
Me hubiera gustado conocerlo un poco más.

ELENA TAN said...

Rest in peace.
I am his daughter Elena Tan, from his Spanish wife.
I would have liked to know him a little more.

Anonymous said...

RIP Julai Tan

His passing is very sad. I was interested to read Jimmy's comment that he provided strings for the Straydogs 'Repent'. The only record I have with his name on it is a single by Zhu Jiang(Solo Chu)that credits backing to the Julai Tan Orchestra. Top notch, first rate stuff it is too. I played the Straydogs and Zhu Jiang in Julai Tan's honour last night.


ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

My thank you note to all you Julai Tan people who responded to this posting.
Thank you very much.
May he Rest In Peace.

(According to sources, there was no wake for Mr. Tan and the cremation in Mandai, was the evening @ 7.30pm. on the day that he passed away.)

Cedric Collars said...

Hi Andy Julai Tan played with my dad on radio as the Julai Tan Trio. Yes at that time we got to meet his Spanish wife and baby daughter, Elana I think was her name. Yes Julai and my dad had many musical gigs Julai on violin, Nune Collars, my dad, on Piano. Yes they were giants in their field of music. RIP dear souls of music. Thanks for letting me say a few words from Cedric Collars