Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Beatlemania Becomes Beat Le Mania: By Eddie Eng

The Beatles not only brought with them their brand of music but their style of fashion too. From their mop heads to their collarless suits, drainpipe trousers, and unique boots, they were an enigma.  

Eddie Eng tells of his lovely Beatle boots and thick black hair (image below) which he could never style into a mop like the Fab Four, for fear of the school head with the long cane.

Thanks, Eddie. You enjoyed your youth I think.


"The Fab Four had tremendous influence in the life of teenage boys in the 60s era. From the accompanying photo, you would notice the ubiquitous boots on my feet. 
Eddie Eng enjoying his youth with Beatle boots but a Tony Curtis hair bob, or near enough 'kiss curl' thrown by Bill Haley. Compared to the mop, these were old hairstyles.

I would have sported their mob hairdo if not for a very strict principal whose purpose-made can once land on my buttocks for a minor transgression. Always immaculately dressed in a white long-sleeved shirt and with a tie, he administered the whizzy stroke with a detached air of professionalism, much like a doctor administering a painful treatment to his young patient. 

It was over in a second and the effect was immediate: humbled and subdued. In self-consolation, I quietly sang to myself on the way back to class  "When things  go wrong, just sing a song..." This oldie "Sing C'est La Vie."  by Sonny and Cher had served a great purpose in later life when things did not turn out my way.  

Music certainly has a therapeutic effect on an afflicted soul."

Article by Eddie Eng.
Sonny and Cher with C'est La Vie (1965), a song with a Merry Go Round melody. See it turning round and round. 

"When things go wrong just sing this song
The birds in the trees will sing harmony
Sing C'est La Vie and soon you will see
Your cares will be free just sing, C'est La Vie"
Sonny and Cher.
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Images: A Personal Collection.

13 August 2019
Happy Birthday, Eddie

He celebrates his birthday today. Thanks, Eddie for your goodwill and music vibes. Your friendliness flows naturally in tune with much rhythm and ease.🌷🌹🌻



Schoolboys with Beatle boots and Beatles haircut. Those were the days. Check it out.

Stephen Han
I think during our school days in the 50s and 60s there was dressing code and uniforms. Most schoolchildren wore the standard Bata white rubber sole shoes

Foo Jong Fook
My school shorts dark blue must have side pockets. We were trendsetters so we wore shorts without pockets. Perfect master always catches us but we try to dodge away until the class girls also laughed.

Freda Hanum
Wishing Eddie Eng a very happy birthday, May good health, an abundance of joy & prosperity follow you all the way. 🎂🎉🎈

Freda Hanum
Surprised that boys got canning for wearing Beatle boots to school I guess it's the same thing like girls wearing hi-heel to school are not allowed Interesting school story from Eddie Eng, but though I never heard this C'est La Vie by Sonny and Cher sure is a nice cute song.

1Hiroshi Deguchi
I am rather a type of person who believes that clothes are something to put on. But tight-fitting trousers and boots are something I am particular about since I became crazy about the British group when I was 16. I had to wait 3 years for the pants and 6 years for the boots for myself, I remember.

Andy Young
Thanks, guys for the nice chats you all created. Appreciate the interest. The subject of Clothes is always a great chatting topic. And thanks to the others who LIKE Eddie Eng's teenage days story.

mattjsltan said...

the irony to it all was that the beatles mop top and outfit was actually inspired by mao tze dung
if i got the wrong spelling perharps it is because i am not a big fan of mao whatshisname.
like freud never could remember the name of the painter who painted the anti-christ
,,simply because he didn't wished to. LOL

in hindsight, it was much ado about nothing.