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Plastics, Plastics, Plastics, Get Rid Of Plastics In SG

Browsing through the blog backward in time, I discovered many useful pieces of information. Here are two comments from good friends, Horace and Henri, who have contributed many articles about SG music from the 60s. Here are two but different i.e. about SG and Plastics. 

The Beach Boys song, 'Don't Go Near The Water', was written in 1971, that long ago:

(1) Horace Wee says:

Those ocean-going vessels from container ships, tankers to cruise ships. Are you telling me these vessels store their garbage till they can dispose of them responsibly when they are in port? Correct me if I'm wrong - I think not! They have scheduled dumping days! What control is there? 

Let's start in our own backyard. The only store here that stopped using plastic bags is IKEA and encourages BYO reusable bags. All the other supermarkets, stores, food outlets, other establishments - it's plastic bags for everything. With only a half-hearted effort by NTUC probably now long ignored or forgotten.

To wait for someone to tell you to stop using plastic bags is wrong. One should start doing this voluntarily as it is the responsible thing to do.
Unfortunately, the method here that only works is to impose a fine on people in order for them to do anything right. Quite pathetic.

(2) Henri Gann says:

Glad that your blog is venturing into environmental awareness. 

Plastic goods are definitely an issue as it has a half-life of 100s of years. In simple terms, it doesn't go away easily. Now many cities, counties, and countries around the world are dealing with it. Singapore should too if it has not.

Discharge into the ocean has been a way of disposing of our garbage for many years. It was out of sight, out of mind. Singapore should stop doing it if it has not including the discharge from the many ships for the protection of its clean waters. And, we can go on and on with climate change, etc.

I often wondered as a kid why there were corals and clear blue ocean water around Kusu Island but not at Marine Parade and why there was garbage swept up to the beach of Katong. 

Many Millennials and Generation X in America like my kids are sensitive to the above issues here. Now they are reminding us of environmental awareness and will even go to the extent of telling us what presents we can buy for their kids. Just think, what presents can you buy for the kids that are not made of plastic. Now we buy only paper reading books which are healthy for the environment. 
Don't Go Near The Water: Beach Boys.

(4) The Beach Boys:

Oceans, rivers, lakes, and streams
Have all been touched by man
Poison (Plastics) flowing out to sea
Now threatens life on land...
(By Mike Love, Al Jardine).

(3) Andy Young Says:

Yes, I am guilty. Still using plastic bags to throw my garbage. A very bad habit that's killing our creatures.

Horace Wee and Henry Gann have contributed articles on this blog. Horace was with the Radio and TV station (RTS) at Caldecott Hill - MediaCorp today - and has written two articles in a book called, 'On Air'.

Henri Gann is an unselfish, kind-hearted and successful businessman who came all the way from California USA, to meet me in Singapore. He used to be with a winning guitar group called The Trekkers here.

There is no intention to discredit any business or point fingers at anyone or any organization. Truth hurts but truth tells.

John Gerald BT Tan 
observes plastic on seasides, in garbage dumps and other areas of rubbish as pieces of art after he does some magic tricks with his expertise as a media artist. Here are four pieces of these deadly but beautiful killers caught by natural light. He has names for them.

Many, many thanks, John.

The Swan


Humming Bird

Whale Rising

Thank you, Horace, Henri, and John. What would I do without all your help?
Images: John Gerald BT Tan and Google.


EDDIE ENG said...

I remember Horace Wee.
Watched him on BW/TV.
He could tease and caress the fretboard with amazing dexterity.
Unforgettable guitarist.
He usually played under the baton of Ahmad Jafaar.

Happy to know that he too cares for the planet we share with God's other creatures.


It's always heartwarming to hear that someone has fond memories of me after some 50 years later.

Thank you Eddie Eng.

jimmy Appudurai chua said...

Yes lovely song kudos to Henry and Horace two extremely great guitar players... My Straydogs first lead guitar player William Tan was the bass guitarist for the Trackkers. Used to watch them on tv


Andy Young
Two honest humans, Horace n Henry who care about the environment. GET RID OF PLASTICS, they say. BEACH BOYS wrote a song. Remember it? What say you?

Andy Young
Hey-yo Hiroshi Thanks.

Jimmy Appudurai-chua Do you know which song Andy???
Thanks, Jimmy

Andy Young
Hi Jimmy. Thanks. You gotta connect with the blog and listen to it. Just click the Whale image above. :-)

Stephen Han
It’s high time to get of plastic bags and straws.

Andy Young
Thanks for keeping to the topic Stephen. :-).


you are the greatest!
Your passion for your blog will enable you to live a long life.
I still think you should insert 'Diana' by Nokie Edward in your blog for all your fans.

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ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you all for the comments made about Horace, Henri, and the environment.
A little one-sided but with two famous gentlemen writing about plastics, we cannot help but discuss the artistes rather than the whales.

I leave it to the readers to choose their topics.
Ha ha.


Daisy Koh
Bakeries in SG should stop using plastic bags ... one for each bun. High time to switch to paper. Supermarkets are also top contributors to plastic wastage. I was at a famous lobster and burger restaurant at Jewel which served some drinks in plastic bags...wonder why people would pay top price for drinks in a reputable cafe drink from a plastic bag. 😁

Andy Young
Very true. 5 buns + 5 bags + 1 to contain +1 to carry away = 7 bags. And nobody bothers. Thanks Daisy. Come on guys, pour it on.