Wednesday, July 31, 2019

70s Fashion Parade Keyboardist Freda Hanum: (1975)

Sweet Season Trio: Hanim Pyman, Freda Hanum and Yus Mansor (1975).

The 70s men and ladies fashion in Singapore with the pop girl-bands. Butterfly collars, open-neck suits, frilly sleeves, and bell-bottoms. They were a smash. And John Travolta wouldn't have been more proud.

With Freda's permission, I have highlighted two of her photographs and the bands she played with. You can find the chat below on her Facebook under 'Freda Wong':

Calvin Guneratne:
What a picture... happenin' times

John Travolta in the movie, 'Saturday Night Fever', which introduced a new dance craze and a whole wardrobe of outfits that kept the disco lights streaming and the young ones screaming. Freda Hanum was on the scene too. Man!

Freda Hanum:
Wow thanks, Calvin Adelrick Guneratne yeah right! those were the days😊

Calvin Adelrick Guneratne:

Freda Hanum ... really wish I was around performing that time but unfortunately born only in the 70s. Should have been in the late 1940s 😄 because don't want to miss the 50s-60s too.

Calvin Adelrick Guneratne   

FB more pics like that too. Need Memories band pics over the years too from 60s-80s can?

Freda Hanum:

Calvin Adelrick Guneratne yeah right Calvin those 50s,60s,70s are real happenings.  
Freda Hanum with her friends during a Talentime on TV.

Talentime 1967-68

Freda Wong:

Thank you, my friends. It was a long long time ago during my secondary school... The other two was my best school friends. This was taken at the TV broadcast Singapore in the semifinals. Hahaha, out anyway thanks.

What stylo milo lah, see wearing sneakers no money to buy shoes... The dresses are made at the tailor's, also savings from our daily school expenses 

but it was really fun.

The Teepees with their manager and the resplendent suits young musicians wear those years, smart outfits that boggle the mind. Their white satin suits and colourful inner shirts sparkle like dynamite on stage when they hit their sticks and strings, resulting in a ballroom filled with musical fireworks. 

Andy Young:
Hi Freda, Your picture is going on the right column on my blog for some time. Thanks. It will connect to your story. You look fab.

Freda Hanum:
My forever thanks to you and always, Andy... wow so nice of you, 😀 a remembrance of my past history, am so honoured. Thank you again and again, Andy!

Andy Young:
Hi Freda, It's true. If you're well known in the past, the pictorial history is there. Your photographs tell all as they come through the years. I started the blog for this reason. As I explained earlier on a posting, Canadian writer Margret Laurence remarked, 'I keep the snapshots not for what they show but for what is hidden in them..." (The Diviners). I share her thought. And here's something else, some pictures create an impact, others don't. 

Calvin says it with his exclamation. You deserve all the thanks, not me. I just love band pictures and the people then but I am only a messenger. 

Images have been Copyrighted by Freda Hanum: A Personal Collection. Google.
Chat taken from Freda Hanum Facebook 30 July 2019.



Wow, Andy,

So true, inspirational and I am touched, but without a writer like you to create a blog about the 50s,6 0s 70s, I don't think the young or even the older generation would have any knowledge about what the yesteryear happenings were.

The credit is definitely yours for being such a passionate writer.

I thank you again ANDY.

EDDIE ENG said...

Andy is like an archaeologist, digging up treasures of the past. Of course, you are digging no further than te 60s and the 70s and many of the musical treasures are still pretty much alive today.

I met one such living treasure (the vivacious young Freda in the b/w photos) in a cruise where the Silver Strings was in concert. We had a pleasant evening. Wonder what it would have been like if we had met when she was, as seen in the photos. From the form of music and style of fashion, the young of today may be able to reconstruct what life was like in that era.

Your blog has an added significance: it records our rich collective past, that the granddads and grandmas of today were once the vibrant youth of yesteryear.


That was really indeed amazing & hearterning comments coming from honourable Mr Eddie Eng. I never forget him for his generosity and kind heartedness at the Silver String cruise concert.

And indeed truly, what he commented about you Andy and your amazing blog. I also like to comment, all of the most popular local bands in the 60s & 70s, their uniforms are really classic, stylish, so striking and fashionable looking for their stage performances are indeed incomparable to nowadays.

So are the superstar bands like Jackson 5, The Osmond Brothers, The Platters, Manhattans, Earth, Wind and Fire and so forth, are so well dressed.

Thank you Andy for this episode of the bands dressing fashion of old days.