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NDP National Day 2019 Theme Song: Padang & Historical Buildings Surround

Singapore NDP National Day 2019 Song
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What's fun for this year's National Day Parade is that it will be held at the Padang but a different spectacle altogether from the 60s, where Singapore was dark and dreary when we first held it there.

Today the former Supreme Court building (opposite the Padang)  stands taller because it houses the National Art Gallery, where I go with my grandchildren to participate in the Gallery's many activities. Facing this massive building, Parliament House is on the left and St Andrew's Cathedral on the right. 

It costs a bomb to park at the House but it's worth the while. Spending time with the grandchildren in air-conditioned comfort amidst paintings hung on cool walls. Hey, where can you get this atmosphere in South East Asia? 
Inside the National Art Gallery with rooms for children to dabble in the arts, literally.

On the right of the Gallery stands St Andrew's Cathedral. This building symbolizes the good faith of the people who built it.  Many times we have been there to give thanks. 

"Hearts in plenty we shall meet."*

The Padang is surrounded by historical buildings and most have been renovated and refurbished. A recent trip to the Victoria Theatre (behind Parliament), to watch a lady violinist, with compliments from Nora Tann, held us in awe when we saw the New Vic. And so the blessings come...
The new Vic. has provided a stage for Singapore and international artistes to perform. The huge musical organ within is one of its kind in SEAsia.

Just be grateful for what is SG today. Give credit, where credit is due.

I'm glad that a member of my kin will be experiencing her first NDP because she's in P5. 


For Jay2.

Thank you for reading guys. A Happy National Day to all Singaporeans near and far.

*St Andrew's School Song.

Images: 1 Art Gallery Children's Room. 2 Teddy Bear from J2. 3 Nora Tann with Friends. 4 Inside St Andrew's Cathedral. 5 New Vic. Concert Hall.


National Day song 'Home' by Kit Chan:

NDP Song 2018:


There is no intention to promote anything on this post but only good vibes i.e. about the forthcoming National Day celebration at the Padang and its beautiful surrounding and buildings of which I am proud.

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HIROSHI DEGUCHI writes from JAPAN said...

Hiroshi Deguchi
I am a bit surprised to realize that there were many more national songs composed while I was away from SG for 25 years, It was in 1981 when I first went there as a tourist. Since then I visited SG every summer until 1994.

I learned a lot about the country during those years, and the national songs as well, such as "Count On Me Singapore", "There's A Part For Everone" Yes, many others. too. Reading your blog, I checked out the history of the national songs and found so many songs appeared after 95.

I was also amazed to know SG was young when I first visited and now over 50 years of excellent country.

Andy Young
Thanks Hiroshi. It's wonderful to know that a person who lives outside SG explained what you just did. You are no stranger to this country and know it well. We all have our setbacks but grateful to supportive countries who appreciate our sincerity with peace and hopefully prosperity.

Freda said...

It is really so amazing what you have written about the Singapore's National Day. The buildings surrounded the padang brought back so many good memories. The St. Andrew's Cathedral was my late mum's regular mas place, I was with her few occasions when I am not away working and she baptised there too. I did went to the Victoria Hall during those 60s years where they held occasionally some dance party. Also went to the Supreme Court with my late mum to have her to change some legal document. I would want to visit back again these places again in rememberance of my late mum. Am happy about your GRANDKID being part in the great S'pore NDP. Very nice write out on the NDP and the song too. Thank you Andy.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

For supporting this post and the forthcoming NDP venue.
It's full of memories.