Friday, May 10, 2019

Mother's Day 2019: From Merlin Lim & FL: Mother Of Mine

(1) I have known Merlin Lim for about 50 years now, a pleasant, honest and sincere young man who joined the Silver Strings and played rhythm guitar with us since the mid-60s. Merlin was involved in all the 12 Philips vinyl recordings done. This guy has no agenda with you. He's a good friend, period.

Merlin has always been supportive of this blog and wrote a note two years ago with so much feel about his mum I thought I'd repeat it on an individual posting; it deserves the honour.

(2) FL is my unknown supporter and even to this day, I don't know who he or she is. FL remains anonymous, a person who has written so many comments for this blog, recommends a song which I think is a sincere dedication to a lady that we all love so much.

Thanks again to both Merlin and FL.  
(1) Merlin Lim Musician:

My Dearest Mum,

Has since departed about 10 years ago and up to this minute, I still miss her very much. She is a gentle lady, strangely though, I don't ever remember her saying harsh words or swearing at anyone.

Her life may be tough but her living is simple. Cooking for the family, watching soap operas, cowboy and Native American Indian movies on TV.

When you talk about religion, her reply will always be, "As long as I don't harm others... I'm fine." It's simple but effective.

I knew we will part one day and I work on preparing towards that goal. So when the time came, I was prepared, physically and mentally. Mum also did her preparations. She had a list of what to do, by whom, up to where her ashes should be kept.

Well, a mother is not one day in a year. Mother is ever present, in life, death and beyond. Mother is and will always be part of our existence. Without my mother, I would be...

Love you, mum, always. Rest In Peace.

Mother of Mine (1971) by Neil Reid: A song with meaningful lyrics by a young man who's 12. Above YouTube version by Florence Aguilar. 

(2) F.L. Blog Supporter:

Hi Andy, 

Although my mom is longer around, I still think of her and memories of her keep coming back. I remember one beautiful song "Mother of Mine" with meaningful lyrics first made popular by a young boy of 12 years called Neil Reid in 1971. 

May I dedicate this song to all mothers on this Mother's Day. 

If you have songs to recommend on Mother's Day, please do so and I shall list them below, a space for your song and your name.

Images from Google and Merlin Lim's Facebook.



Andy Young
A HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL LADY FB FRIENDS WHO ARE MOTHERS, GRANDMOTHERS... ENJOY YOURSELF, IT'S LATER THAN YOU THINK :-) Merlin Lim, who wrote this post, was the 2nd rhythm guitarist with the Silver Strings and was involved in most Philips vinyl recordings.

Andy Young
Thanks Jimmy, Roop and Victor for sharing most of my posts. The eyes haven't been too good lately, so pardon if I don't visit your posts... Charlie Yap too . Thanks bro.

Jimmy Appudurai-chua
Keep on digging Andy..

Hiroshi Deguchi
I have enjoyed watching the video of "You're The Boy" uploaded by Our SG onto YouTube. I have wanted to know who is Merlin=Ah Gong and what kind of person he is. Now I am glad to find out he is what I expected by reading what he wrote about his mother. Andy, you are happy to have Merlin as a friend. I have something in common with Merlin--we still miss Shirley Nair.

Althea Lim
Hiroshi Deguchi my dad Merlin is a wonderful person.. always ready to teach and never selfish with his knowledge..

Hiroshi Deguchi
I do respect him. I would like him if I had a chance to meet him, Althea.

Hiroshi Deguchi
So, you are the girl in that video.

Andy Young
Thank you all for the thumbs up.

Althea Lim
Hiroshi Deguchi that's not me.. Merlin is my Dad actually not my grandfather. Uncle Audie is in the video.. my dad's bandmate.. my dad has only 2 grandsons... no granddaughter. 🤣

Hiroshi Deguchi
Sorry, Althea. I noticed that later. But I know Merlin is a wonderful man.

Freda Hanum
So nice and touching, I shared on my FB

Michael Lee
Happy Mothers' Day to all mothers.
A mother's love is timeless and she will always be one's only real mother. Cheerio

Andy Young
Hey, Mike. You're right sir. Thanks for the positive comments about mums.


Thank U Andy.
Will Listen At Home After Work. Really Appreciate Yur Kind Thought, Space n Time. Thks Bro. EL BRAVO !!!

Nyonya Jenny Yeo
Andy & Cousin Merlin.. it makes me feel sad recalling
My mum as I do miss her though she left us for 15 years and 14th May is her death anniversary.

Merlin Lim
Making U Sad Is Definitely Not Andy's or My Intention. " " Love " It 'cause U Still Remember Her After All These Years.
Even though Our Mother Has Gone, We Are A Part Of Her / Our Parents, Til The Day We Say Our Final Goodbye.
The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Rules The World...That Is Our Mother n All Mothers In This World.

Merlin Lim
Andy Bro. That Sure Is A Beautiful Song, Sung Beautifully. Thanks, Andy !!

Andy Young
Hi brother Merlin. Friends like you are hard to find, easy going and more importantly a great friend but without any agenda. You write well too and this piece about your mother has certainly pulled many heartstrings. Cheers. HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALTHEA TOO.

Merlin Lim
Andy Brother. We Have Come A Long Way. From the Days Of Innocence To This Present Stage Call " Grand Dad " At Different Stages Of Our Life, We Seem To Renew Our Bond Of Friendship To A Higher Level n That Is Pretty Amazing.

Many Of My Friends During This Lifetime Have Come n Gone but U My Dear Brother Andy Have Really Tested Time To Go Beyond The Edges Of Infinity, With Our Friendship. Above ALL These, I Still Remember The Time U n Your Parents, Open Your House To Accommodate Me Away From the Harsh Elements n Loneliness, When My Dad Drove Me Out. That Was the Heaven To Me When I Had NOTHING, No One n Nowhere To Go.

Your Family n Your Good Self Provided Me With Shelter, Food n Warmth, That I'm Forever Grateful Bro Andy.
Thank U ALL For Yur Kindness, Generosity n Friendship Brother Andy. GOD BLESS.
Love Merl.


Very touched by what he has written & the anonymous FL 🤔 Tot was you Freda but initial L? Nah. But well written and echoes my sentiments too. My mum passed away coming to 5 years this August but I still think of her every day. The power of Mother ⚘⚘⚘

Freda Hanum
Linda Tan Me too... Today is 1,454 days exactly she passed away on 7th March 2015. I recorded the days in all my diaries.

Linda Tan
Freda Hanum 4 years ago. May she RIP 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Freda Hanum
Linda Tan To your mum too, RIP 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

Andy Young
Thanks, Freda for your constant support. FL is an anonymous supporter of my blog and has been providing lots of informative comments and positive thoughts for many years. He recommended the song.

Freda Hanum
Andy Young So nice to know FL being an anonymous good supporter for your blog...great cheers for this person.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you all for the comments regarding Merlin Lim's tribute to his loving mother.
Yes, we are touched by his sincerity and the love he has for his mum.
You're a great son and a good friend, Merl.
Thanks for remembering me too.




and others if not listed. Thanks.

FL said...

Hi, Andy, thanks for your comments and I was surprised indeed. I feel flattered. Nevertheless, since today is Mothers'Day, a Happy Mother Day to all the wonderful mothers out there. Your children must be very proud of you !

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi FL,
Thank you for writing in again.
Appreciate your kind thoughts on Mothers Day.
No, my children never read the blog.
They are in a totally different hemisphere.
But I am proud readers like you give time and space for me.
That is important too.

FACEBOOK said...

Merlin Lim
Yes, Bro that Was the Fender Jaguar.
A Friend Came to my Home to Borrow For His Gig.
Neither He Nor the Jaguar Came Back.
Oh Yes, Many Ppl Have Suggested I Do This n That To Retrieve My Jaguar but I Just Couldn't Be Bothered.
If This Friend Value Himself the Price Of the Jaguar,
Than He Is A Bloody Fool.
A Human Being n A Friend... is Priceless.

Terence Lee
Merlin Lim bro you are too generous to let go such sentimental guitar. It is hard to part with it. I played with Jaguar before but I still like the Tele as rhythm guitarist. Bro if you don' t mind let me have your contact number. TQ.

(Merlin provided the number.)


Yes, Terence. He is. Great guitar. Thanks for coming on.
Terence Lee Andy Young I told Audie that I remembered SS performed in KL with three Fenders same colors in early seventies.

Andy Young
Thanks to all for Merlin's post. 18 LIKEs is good for a repeat story.

Merlin Lim
Credit To U Bro Andy.
I Only Put In Words, the Bits n Pieces of My Thoughts n Recollection Of My Dearest Mum, Gone but Never Forgotten. LOVE U Dear.