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Winnipeg Manitoba Today: By Jane From Canada.

 Hi Andy,

As promised, some updates regarding Winnipeg ... if you ever come back you will find the city very changed since you were here. A partial list of a few highlights:

U of W (University of Winnipeg) has several new off-campus buildings - some in re-purposed buildings, some in new builds, including a new science complex, a new residence that even has apartments in it for families, new theatre studies building, and others (images: 2, 6).

There is a beautiful walkway (image: 5) along the downtown portion of the Assiniboine River and along lengthy portions of the Red River (mostly downtown), plus an extensive parkway alongside portions of the walkway. 

New developments at The Forks as well, including a hotel, new gardens, and of course the Human Rights Museum (image: 3), the first national museum in Canada that is not located in Ottawa. It is a stunning building, a beautiful and thoughtfully-conceived museum, and it hosts multiple educational programs, conferences, and other human rights-related events throughout the year.

 For those people who like to eat out (count me in!) the restaurant scene in Winnipeg is thriving, with many new restaurants opening up every year, reflecting cuisines from all over the world. 

During some lovely evenings, my neighbour and I go out to a new Middle Eastern café (one of many many new ones). Winnipeg has welcomed many Syrian refugee families in the past few years, and many of them are very skilled in business, opening up successful restaurants, specialty chocolate manufacturing, a fabulous ice cream parlour, and others. 

Local micro-breweries are also popping up all over Winnipeg, featuring locally-brewed small batch beers and other delights.

There are several new suburban developments now - most (but not all) in the southwest and northwest corners of the city. Every time I turn around, another neighborhood has been transformed (images below). I even get lost sometimes when I am out running errands because streets no longer lead where they used to...! At rush hours, we even get traffic jams now in some areas, believe it or not.
One of the best groups from Winnipeg that is known internationally, famous for their hit, American Woman and other songs. YouTube.

Can't think of anything else at the moment, but Winnipeg is definitely hopping.

Hope all is well with you and yours. All the best always, 


The Guess Who
A Winnipeg, Manitoba band that started in 1964, they became a hit with their popular numbers like, American Woman, Shakin' All Over, Laughing, These Eyes, Share The Land, Undone and others. Together with Bachman Turner Overdrive, Guess Who with Anne Murray, Paul Anka and Neil Young, Canada became the source of other pop groups, bands, and singers that started around the 60s. Even up till today, these top stars are active.

Coming from a religious and loving background Jane and her folks have always been family after her mum welcomed me to their home during Thanksgiving, a long time ago when I was in the country. 

Celebrating December 25th and 1st January in chilly, open-air Winnipeg was like living inside a white and wintry Christmas card, with flurries, deep snow walks and unbelievably cold winds that bite the nose. 

And to see the polar bears in their natural habitat you need to go up north to Churchill where you may find them in abundance still? 
There's the other extreme. In the warm and cozy home and bouncing around like a red rubber ball was Santa Claus with a cause; he was always near the fire-place with loads of goodies to give away as the family gathered to welcome the Blessed days.

Thank you so much, Jane, for the update on one of the coldest cities in the world; but it's definitely the friendliest.

Connect to BTO band:

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Andy Young
One of the coldest places in the world but it has tertiary institutes to study in, huge white bears, the Red River Valley and GUESS WHO? Check out this province and an article, was written by a Canadian friend.

Koh Daisy
so freezingly cold, my nose bled badly during the few weeks I was there in Dec... winter like 7 months... it even snows in Summer... but I enjoyed the snow.

Andy Young
Yes D. Winter is like 7 months a year and no one believes me. Thanks for the confirmation. A beautiful country though, like you mentioned.

Andy Young
Thanks, Kwandy.

Stephen Han
Seems there are a lot of changes since your last times there.I do like American Woman by the Guess Who

Andy Young
Thank you, Stephen. Yes, it's true.

Daisy Koh
The lakes are beautiful ...emerald green. Love Lake Louise n Moraine.


Very nice
Especially the song
Brings back so many
Wonderful memories.


The Guess Who. They are a good band of course.

And I've sung their hit song, AMERICAN WOMAN a couple of times during practice sessions, but never actually got to sing it at live performances.

I'm like having a love-hate relationship with this song, but I know that I will do it one day in a live performance.

By the way, the lead guitarist looks a lot like Jack Black, the comedian.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you all for the replies and comments.
Appreciate that you support this blog.

BTW Steve Ho's article is on this blog.
Check him out.
He busks in Chinatown and at the Boys Town Thrift Shop at Upper Bukit Timah Road.


Hi Andy,

Thank you for this. Looks great (although I do not recognize the 2nd photo at all)! I fully intended to send you even more. One of these days ...

I hope all is well with you and your family. All's well here; spring has arrived, and we remain healthy touch wood.
Warmest and fondest regards.

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Koh Sui Pang
After reading the above comment ....🤔🤔🤔🤔 should go or should not go to Canada for holiday in future ...heeeee ???????

Andy Young
You must see Canada, Sui Pang, without a doubt. Beautiful country.

Koh Sui Pang
Long long journey 23hrs ..😖😖😖

Andy Young
You could break journey in TAIWAN Sui Pang, or just hotel in TAIPEH for 2 or 3 days, then carry on to Vancouver. Use V. as HQ to travel around, by car if you can.


Angela Leow
I was there many years ago. Love the place. Very laid back.

Andy Young
Laid back is true; generally speaking. But Montreal has its jazz corners and lobsters to munch. Great places to haunt too. And if by chance, you can catch Paul Anka, Neil Diamond or Celine Dion around sometimes.