Thursday, January 17, 2019

Sugar Sugar: Pickett, Sinatra, Singapore: Lara Trailers, Nancy Sit

Maroon 5 Sugar; A Long Way From Pickett's Sugar, Sugar:

This posting is actually a comment from Dr. Steven Farram in response to a previous article about song titles with the word, sugar. I searched and found some vinyl covers.

In the 1960s many original songs from the West were translated from English to local Asian languages and dialects; the lyrics may differ in meaning but music and rhythm are retained. These 3 song samples are only a few of them.

Thanks, Steven for the support. Your expertise is always welcome.

Sugar, Sugar by Wilson Pickett: YouTube Video by northernsoultrain.

Hi Andy,

Thanks for mentioning the Wilson Pickett song Sugar Sugar. I had never heard it and had to look it up. It is actually a version of The Archies song, but a more mature version. 

It's great. Girl band The Teepees, from either Singapore or Malaysia, did a version of the same song (following The Archies style) in Malay. They called it Perchaya-Lah (Believe It). It was on an EP on the Eagle label. 

And both Nancy Sit and Lara and The Trailers did versions of Nancy Sinatra's Sugar Town. Both of them sing it in Chinese.

Best Wishes.


The Teepees Cover: If you have a clearer version please send me a copy and I shall replace the above. 

Images: Google and YouTube Videos
Lara and The Trailers with a cover version of 'Sugar Town' in Chinese (above), YouTube video is by OVI, that experiments with beautiful and vivid HD images. The song was also recorded by Nancy Sit below:

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