Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Bicentennial In Singapore: Andy 60s Music Blog Is Safe

Singapore celebrates its bicentennial this year. It means that starting from the year 1819, we're 200 years young since Sir Stamford Raffles landed on our tiny red dot. 

This blog has connections to some of Singapore's music "history", not the long-long ago stories, but tales that were enough to cause a stir when I first started this blog in 2008 November, more than 11 years ago.
Channel News Asia: 

Below are connections where you can start the journey but it's best to browse around using the ❤CONTENT column on the right side of this blog. It has been read by about: 

2,000,000 readers from 
204 countries, with
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And it's connected to Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, WhatsApp and the email. 

Seriously, it may take you some time to browse around with its many stories from myself, contributing writers, music connections, etc. 

Bon Voyage!
When souvenir magazines were printed with its typo-errors and exaggerations.


Simon Lee, the father of Michael Lee, receiving his OBE. Check out this post.
Who are these people? Shouldn't they be in the annals of Singapore's history?

Michael Bangar, an unsung hero, knows a lot more about our 60s music industry than many of our music-makers. Check him out too:

Singapore had a huge recording industry in the 60s producing hundreds of thousands of vinyl featuring our own local music talents:

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