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MAROON 5: SUGAR Pop Hits & Reduce Sugar Intake

With nearly 3 BILLION viewers on YouTube - not a million - you cannot ignore this song. Again, it's a modern pop hit and introduced to me by my granddaughter. She hooked me to The Greatest Showman soundtrack earlier last year and recommended that I listen to this one too, or else...😀

This new hit didn't quite get to me at first but after watching this particular video and listening to MAROON 5, I got hooked. This song is simply called, SUGAR. It's not an oldie but became a hit only four years ago and still running sweet today.
Maroon 5 Sugar: YouTube Video: Maroon 5.

So don't only listen to Sugartime (1958) by The McGuire Sisters or Sugar, Sugar by the Archies but give this one a chance. The word, in its literal sense, is some sweet edible. 

I chanced upon this health subject during the festive season because taking excessive sugar is a hot topic nowadays in Singapore and our doctors have warned us about consuming too much of the tiny white crystals which will definitely result in diabetes and other ailments. Cut down on the drinks; many sodas or canned drinks contain as much as 15 teaspoonfuls.

Sugar is also a term of affection for one's girlfriend, boyfriend or someone dear and near to you. Many songs use this word as an expression of love and beauty. 

John Lee Hooker: Sugar Mama. One of the best songs from his Boom Boom Album.

Back to the songs. In case you don't like Maroon 5, John Lee Hooker and Pat Boone are posted with Sugar Mama and Sugar Moon. There are lots of other sugar songs from the past 50 years. Here's a list selected but only from the rock n roll period:

Sugar Town - Nancy Sinatra
A Spoonful of Sugar - Burl Ives
Sugar Moon - Pat Boone

Sugar Walls - Sheena Easton.

Sugar, Sugar - Wilson Pickett 
When I take my Sugar to Tea - Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby 

Sugar Baby - Bob Dylan

Sugar Mama - John Lee Hooker
Sugar - Stevie Wonder
Pat Boone with Sugar Moon. Yes, the moon is certainly sweet with another landing recently.

Sugar Daddy - Tom Jones

Sugar Moon - Willie Nelson 
When My Sugar Walks Down The Street - Nat King Cole

Sugar On The Floor - Elton John, Kiki Dee 

Sugar Man - Kris Kristofferson
Sugar on Sunday - Tommy James and The Shondells 

Sugar and Honey - Roy Orbison 

Sugar Babe - Stephen Stills
When My Sugar Walks Down The Street - Peggy Lee 

Sugar Cane - Herb Alpert 

Sugar Pie - Ella Fitzgerald
Sugar - Kool and The Gang
Maroon 5: An American rock pop band from LA California, US. Their hit Sugar
registered nearly 3 billion viewers.

Sugar Trade - James Taylor

Country Sugar Mama - Howling Wolf
Sugar Mama - Bonnie Raitt

Shake My Sugar - Suzie Quatro

The Sugar Cane - David McCallum
Poison Sugar - Reba McEntire

There are repeat titles with different singers.

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anonymous said...

Maroon 5

1994 as Kara's Flowers (changed name to Maroon 5 in 2001)

Adam Levine, Jesse Carmichael, Mickey Madden, James Valentine, Matt Flynn, PJ Morton, Sam Farrar

Memorable Songs:
"This Love," "Makes Me Wonder," "Moves Like Jagger," "One More Night," "Sugar"

Key Accomplishment:
Winners of three Grammy Awards
They became pop superstars with a string of eight consecutive
top 10 pop hit singles from 2011 through 2015.

Famous Quote from Adam Levine:
"Nobody has it all, but for me to even come close is amazing."

wendyks93 youtube said...

My personal favorite by Pat Boone.
Such a fantastic voice and the song is so slow and dreamy.
I never get tired of listening to wonderful music like this.

lateforbreakfast youtube said...

Certainly, a laid back presentation of a song, Pat Boone croons this one as though he is about to go to sleep at any second, why he even outdoes Perry Como the master of sleepy croon.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy,

Thanks for mentioning the Wilson Pickett song 'Sugar Sugar'. I had never heard it and had to look it up. It is actually a version of The Archies song, but a more mature version. It's great. Girl band The Teepees, from either Singapore or Malaysia, did a version of the same song (following The Archies style) in Malay. They called it 'Perchaya-Lah'. It was on an EP on the Eagle label. And both Nancy Sit and Lara & The Trailers did versions of Nancy Sinatra's 'Sugar Town'. Both of them sung it in Chinese.

Best wishes