Sunday, November 25, 2018

Greatest Showman: Musical Bonding: Zendaya, Zack Efron, Nicole Scherzinger n J2

2017 musical about circus people with a soundtrack worth listening to.

I have a sweet little granddaughter (10) who is so much into the arts that she just loves to draw, sing and dance. She is also a ballet dancer, a junior black
belt holder and live concert enthusiast but I shall just focus on the songs for this posting.

I started introducing her to pop songs and one of them was from Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (1999). She was very young then, so together with her brothers (11, 6), they sang and enjoyed the lyrics of Jason Donovan's Any Dream Will Do (1991). Elder grandson was already enjoying the Blue Diamond's version of Mr Sandman (1960).
Julie Andrews, Jason Donovan, Kermit from earlier musicals and TV series and the late Blue Diamonds. Asia's and Europe's favourite duo.

When the three of us watched the movie, with Donny Osmond in the lead they both registered the songs so easily and learnt to sing them just as quickly. I continued with the soundtrack and movie from Phantom of The Opera (2004). One musical led to another and at the end of a few weeks, she ended up remembering sing-a-longs from The Sound Of Music (1965). Three musicals at one gulp.

What really happened was, that a
fter a heavy dosage of pure Nicole Scherzinger and Sarah Brightman singing Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom selection, we both slowed down listening to the sound of Julie Andrew's music and her Von Trapp family. Yes, the two children didn't mind, Do Re Mi and other Rodgers and Hammerstein's classics.

Sarah Brightman and Nicole Scherzinger both sing for Phantom Of The Opera musical.

For a change, I introduced them to the Muppet Show (1976) and, Rainbow Connection (1979) - Paul Williams - but the lyrics were not easy to explain. Somehow they managed. My granddaughter fell in love with Kermit, the third generation love call. But they are still struggling with, "Is this the sweet sound that called the young sailors..."

Nicole Scherzinger with her rendition of Andrew Lloyd Webber's Phantom of the Opera'.

The tables turned one day when we both had nothing to do and she requested, "Grandpa, can I listen to the soundtrack from, The Greatest Showman?" (2017)

"What?" I asked her, standing up from the sofa. "You know Wolverine!"

"Yes I do," she replied in her usual sweet way, "but his real name is Hugh Jackman. And have you heard of Zendaya and Loren Allred?"

I blinked but then realized that through the months we had connected well and naturally. So now it was her turn to teach me the latest songs. We turned on YouTube and listened to Showman: From Now On, The Other Side, This Is Me, Rewrite The Stars (Zendaya, Zack Efron), A Million Dreams, Come Alive and Never Be Enough (Loren Allred). And she had watched the movi a few times.

Zendaya with Zack Efron singing 'Rewrite The Stars' in 'The Greatest Showman'  (2017).

I struggled to learn just one and its lyrics but never really succeeded. How easy it was in the '60s to learn so many songs in a day. Now the kids are doing it just the same and easily too from the internet.

"So how many of the Showman songs are you familiar with?"


'Mr Sandman' with the late Blue Diamonds. Such a wonderful brotherly duo. 

"Would you like to take up piano lessons?" I asked her.

She looked at me and smiled. 

"You listen to Maroon 5's Sugar and I'll think about it," she replied.

Tough call.
Zendaya: 'Rewrite The Stars' (left) and Loren Allred: 'Never Be Enough' from the musical, 'The Greatest Showman'.
With Dr Victor Wong, Ms Nora Tann, MD: Tanora Enterprise, granddaughter J, myself and Joey Koh, Uni mate, at the newly renovated Victoria Memorial Hall, Singapore. 
Loren Allred: 'Never Be Enough' from the musical, 'The Greatest Showman'.

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There is no intention to promote any movie or song. This experience is genuine and written for my granddaughter to encourage her to write a diary or engage in free writing. 

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Anonymous said...

I watched the movie and may not be familiar with all the soundtrack. Somehow I am touched for 'This is Me' and 'A Million Dreams' whenever these songs are played. Yen

CARINE LEE said...

Ha, ha, it's time you go catch Maroon 5's concert.