Tuesday, July 31, 2018

60's Music Blog Letters Left Unanswered. Sorry!

Dozens of messages sent by readers to the COMMENT PAGE have landed in the SPAM email-box. 

If you wish, you can write in again, especially those readers and students, who wanted some assistance regarding local 60's music information or connections.

To FL (Singapore), Henri Gann (US), Dr Steven Farram (Australia), Dr YS Lee (Malaysia), regular contributors on this blog, and others, my sincere apologies. 

This post is not a fake to draw attention to my blog.
Here are a few extracts below from readers that have been posted to SPAM but have now been published under the appropriate postings.

From Jissa George:
I just stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have really enjoyed reading your blog posts (9 May 2018).

From Daisy:
Does anyone know the whereabouts of Wilson David. I am his niece. I am from the U.S. and leaving Singapore the morning of 3/6/2018. My email address : w290290@gmail.com

From FL:
Bob Dylan is one of the great folk singers since the sixties. I like one of his hit songs, Time they a changing and many others too.

From Sally:
Thank you for sharing. I love this song. Unable to find the lyrics can anyone forward to me. Thanks. 

From Unknown:
Fall in love with this beautiful and meaningful song.

Would like to request for the song lyrics. Thank you.

From FL:
During the sixties and seventies, our local young bands were influenced by the rise of many British and American pop bands. Many of us attended the pop concerts either any the old National Theatre or Spore Badminton Hall back then.

Images: Google and A Personal Illustration.


FL said...

Ya, Andy, it happened to me (FL). My comments are in now. At first, I was quite worried and wondering what went wrong as your 60s Music Blog is my favourite. Thank you Andy.


Spam ?
I can understand why you don’t read them. I stay out of my junk mail. No apology needed.
Keep up the interesting stories on your blog. I have to credit your blog which has generated an interest (over 10,000 viewers as of last month ) on the Trekkers YouTube. Not too bad considering that it was of music played over 50 years ago and especially when little was known of the Trekkers. Keep your blog rockin’ Andy 🎼🎸

Anyway I am still excited whenever I hear music of the Shadows and the Ventures today and especially when it is played by new groups using creative beats and sound effects. I hope I can write a story on these groups for your blog someday.


Hi Andy,

I have steered clear of FB and all other sorts of social media as I have heard too many bad stories. These things might be useful for some but I get by without them.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you both for the support and instant reply. I found more than 40 or 50 comments unanswered so it might take a while for me to reconcile with my readers, so do wait until mail has been checked and published.

Do write in again if it's urgent.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks FL,
for writing in again. I just checked yours and it's again in SPAM. I must write to blogspot to ask them to help.