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FIFA World Cup 2018: Soccer Chants: The Truth

 Isn't it true that soccer fans are the most musical of all sports lovers?

The heat is on now as FIFA World Cup 2018 nears its end in mid-July. Rowdier spectators at the Russian stadiums with a usually 45 to 70 thousand strong fans watching, singing and screaming in unison to belt out their latest war chants, or more appropriately, soccer chants.

Soccer chants have existed since football began in the clubs in England? That was in the mid-1800's? And internationally, there are thousands today.  I've always been fascinated by soccer chants although I'm not much into the game myself. It's worse today because I refuse to pay the ridiculous amount charged to watch the games on TV. 
                                           LIONEL MESSI                 NEYMAR                 CHRISTIANO RONALDO                                   
A soccer chant usually follows the tune of a pop or folk song but the lyrics could be original or changed accordingly. The tailored lyrics, in any language, are mostly funny or encouraging and sometimes downright aggressive, insulting and bawdy but done in the name of sportsmanship. And they are targeted towards one player or the team on the field since chants are performed by the spectators.

So it depends on the spectator group that's singing it and the attitude and mood they are in at the time of singing. Common sense tells that they are sung to arouse the players on the field or to instigate them into 'battle' because there has been no goal scored so far during the match and fans are getting bored.
Wembley Final: *'Delilah' Stoke City vs Manchester City. Video: Redstokie828.

Soccer clubs or FC's (Football Clubs) all over the world use chants.  Sometimes a tune is so popular, it doesn't 'belong' to anyone. Can't Help Falling In Love is an example of a tune used as a soccer chant by many FC's. 

Below is a short list of chants that are familiar pop tunes. The list shows the English team/club each chant is associated with: 

Delilah* - Stoke City
Sloop John B - Leicester, Arsenal
I'm  Forever Blowing Bubbles - West Ham

You'll Never Walk Alone - Liverpool/Celtic
Achy Breaky Heart - Manchester United
Beautiful Sunday - Dundee United
Top 10 English Football Chants: From FC90 Fan Culture 90 Thank you.

Go West - Arsenal
Can't Smile Without You - Tottenham Hotspur
Glad All Over - Crystal Palace

Blue Moon - Manchester City
Take Me Home Country Road - United
Mull Of Kintyre - Nottingham Forest

Sailing - Chesterfield, Millwall
Can't Take My Eyes Off You - Fulham
Lola - Newcastle

Volare -Leicester
Can't Help Falling In Love - Swansea, Etc.
I Will Survive - France 
Soccer Chants Quiz:

Do you know which Clubs the chants below are associated with?

Mrs Robinson
Is This The Way To Amarillo 
Hey Jude

Swing Low Sweet Chariot
Goodnight Irene

Annie's Song
Hey Jude
That's Amore
On Top Of Old Smokey

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Images, Gifs and Videos: Google and YouTube 
Information: Many Football Club websites.
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Anonymous said...

Chanting together makes the fans united as one. Energy level is high.


Thank you Andy, I am not the soccer fan crazy crowd. But Najib's singing of "The Young Ones"
is superb.


Just like you Andy,
Don't really get caught up in the Cup now, due to the ridiculous fees asked, but I do enjoy their Chants and Cheers.

Did enjoy Chelsea's:
Blue is the colour,
Football is the game

And the universal hit of Ricky Martin's:
Goal, Goal
Oleh, Oleh, Oleh.

Ha, ha.


When our Singapore Football Team was formidable in the 70s and 80s I used to watch matches at the former Stadium.The most popular chant was “Referee Kayu”


You have good knowledge of the song associated with each football club

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks, Stephen. Postings on the blog are either from my own knowledge or research from the internet. Some from soccer websites.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Stephen Han
Koh Sui Pang
Jennie Law
Rose Khoo
Ann Rowena Lim
Roop Singh
Tan Ser Kiong

FL said...

We are now in the World Cup 2018 fever ! I remember watching my first world cup final between Netherland and Germany live telecast match on TV in 1974. Free channel, of course. I was told it was the first telecast in colour on Singapore TV. 44 years ago. Someone correct me if I am wrong. However, it was the beginning of colour TV in SG and of course, the colour TVs were beyond ordinary Singaporeans back then, I mean it was so costly a set. We had to be satisfied to watch that World Cup final in black and white TV then as my family couldnt afford a colour one. Andy, am sharing my recall of watching the World Cup Final on TV in 1974.

Anonymous said...

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FL said...

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Alex Brown said...

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