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Silver Strings A Dozen Plus Concerts Thru The Years

Since 2008, The Silver Strings have been appearing in concerts annually in Singapore. It all started out when Audie Ng approached me that year to appear in a gig at VivoCity. 

Declining at first as I had never sung before 2008 with any band for the past 45 years performing again would be a challenge. He told me that it was for a charity show, and there would be no payment.  With these terms in mind, I agreed.

And the Silver Strings and I went on for 10 years with a dozen concerts and more. Below are the performances we had from 2008. There were changes in band members but we had a fun time...

2008 @ VivoCity Roof Top Auditorium

My first concert with Audie, Aloysius, Jerry, Veronica, the late Bobo, Mike, Danny Boy, Andy, Herb and Albert.

The years went by and from that time on the band had been playing to good support from friends, fans, family and followers of this blog, not to mention new audiences from Singapore and from afar.

Below are some photographs of the concerts the band performed these last 10 years with dates and venues to denote time and place. On two occasions we were at the Caldecott Studios of MediaCorp and had the shows screened on Singapore's most popular Channel 5. 

I hope readers will find these pictures useful. If you have pictures to share where we had appeared, please write to me and we can share them on this blog.


2009 @ Orchid Country Club 

where the Silver Strings, Andy, Veronica, Mike and Herb hosted the Beatles tribute act from Europe, Rahimah Rahim, Karen Lim and Ronnie and The Burns.

2010 @ The Esplanade 

2010 @ Jamiyah Charity Home
where Zailani on the keyboard, the late Bobo (vocals, rhythm), Audie on bass, Henry singing and Aloysius lead. 

Danny Boy was on drums, Andy vocals (2nd image.)

Audience members included: Stephen Han, Lim Kuan Min and Billy Yap.  (3rd image.)

2013 @ Boys Town Bukit Timah

2013 @ Platinum Music World Disco Orchard Road 
with Silver Strings members: Ricky, Oliver, Patrick, Veron, Nick, Audie and Andy.

2014 @ RELC International Hotel, Orchard Silver Strings 50th Anniversary.

 This concert had Mustapha (singing Elvis) appearing together with Rickie, Audie, Danny Boy, Nick, Mike and Herb (Beatles of Malaysia), Veron, Andy and the late Bobo. 

2015 @ Rolling Good Times TV Channel 5 MediaCorp Studios
featured an All-Star Cast with international superstar Rick Astley, Dick Lee and local celebrities.

2015 @ The Promontory Clifford Pier Marina Boulevard
An All-Star Extravaganza with MC Moe Alkaff, Percy, John, Audie, Serene, Merlin, Comedienne Irene Ang, Andy, Nick and Rickie.

2015 @ Not The 5 Show TV Channel 5 MediaCorp Studios
with The Silver Strings, Jack Neo, Chua En Lai, Aileen Tan,
Moses Lee, Suhaimi Yusof, Simone Heng

2016 @ Kallang Wave Kallang Stadium 
with Andy, Audie, Nick, John, Rickie,
The Muttons, Peter Chua and Michael Bangar.

2016 @ The Plaza The National Library Main
With The Silver Strings and The Dukes as guests.

2017 @ The Kallang Theatre 
featured The Silver Strings with other pop bands: Neu Faces, Revival Band, Dukes, Beejays, Easybeats.

Silver Strings Audiences Through The Years (2008-2017)

Audiences during our shows were usual capacity full of fans, friends and followers.

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