Friday, May 11, 2018

Donald Trump n Kim Jong Un Singapore Summit 2018

Kim Jong-un impersonator Howard arrives in Singapore, hopefully Mr Trump too

A *tongue-in-cheek composite picture of the Great Leaders meeting @ Peace Centre Singapore.

Mr Donald Trump is coming to Singapore on 12 June to meet up with North Korea's Mr Kim Jong Un for a first get together and, as the newspapers say, it would be a historical summit moment.

There's a suggestion by many observers and WhatsApp enthusiasts that the two Great Leaders could meet at Peace Centre (image above) in Singapore that memorable day. Of course, it's *tongue in cheek.
A *tongue in cheek composite of Mr Kim and Mr Trump being served in an SIA plane. Pix by #UNTRUMP2SG

But it's one big tick for our small dot since we even have a Peace Centre in place many years ago for such occasions.

So here's welcoming them to this sunny, peace-loving and properly secured island and hoping negotiations will go well for a more peaceful and stable world.
A *tongue in cheek composite picture of Mr Trump and Kim in the pool. Pix by #UNTRUMP2SG

  *😉Tongue in cheek: Peace Centre is a small retail mall and is unlikely to hold an international conference of such magnitude. The two will meet in one of the exquisitely beautiful hotels or corporate buildings, all well-equipped for such an occasion.

This post discusses the music favourites of both Mr Trump and Mr Kim.
Mr Kim:
I shall dwell on Mr Kim's music interest.  He has some pop favourites but there is not much information about them. One particular choice of his is Brother Louie (image) by Germany's electro-pop stars Modern Talking

It was a 1986 January hit song in the country and Sweden. Re-released in 1998, it became tops in France and Austria too.  Way back when in 1973, Hot Chocolate made this song famous and had been covered by Code Red and megastar Bon Jovi.

According to a few websites, he is keen on art rock records, Euro-pops and North Korean Girl Bands? Certainly uncertain. Of course, everyone knows he has a deep understanding of  Dennis Rodman, a retired American professional basketball player.  
Brother Louie by Germany's electro-pop stars Modern Talking

Lately, USA Today, in its news report about Mr Kim (3 April 2018), stated that he adores K-Pop music and was "deeply moved" after watching a two-hour South Korean concert at Pyongyang. 

He showed much interest in the performance and asked questions about the songs and lyrics.  For action films, Mr Kim loves James Bond movies and kung-fu flick Hong Kong star Jackie Chan.

Catch the Rocket Man below:

So here they are again, the terrible threesome whose initials spell KAT, Kim, Andy Young (blogger) and Trump. They'll be meeting on Tuesday, 12 June 2018.

The Telegraph:
USA Today:
Mr Trump:
I read recently that he likes a song by Elvis Presley's favourite composers Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller (e.g. Hound Dog, Jailhouse Rock). It was a Peggy Lee big 1969 hit, Is That All There Is? (Video above). The question seems to fit Mr Trump's profile?

Through the years I have posted a number of articles about Mr Trump's music preferences and the international music makers that he likes. 

Please check these postings. Just click the connections below each picture. Don't forget to come back to this post. Enjoy:

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Anonymous said...

Something new. Never think that they have interest in music. Thks

FACEBOOK said...

John Cher
Stephen Han
Rose Khoo
Jennie Law
Ann Rowena Lim
Jimmy Appudurai-chua
Van Der Beek Philip
James Kwok
Kwandy Yao
Miguel TG Gunter
Angela Leow

FL said...

Andy, June 12, 2018, will be a date to be remembered by many people in the world. Nobody will tease us as a little red dot on the world map for nothing ! Yes, SG will play a significant role in world peace by bringing US & N Korea leaders together here. Peace is what civilised people yearn for.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

You will be surprised anonymous. They need some recreation too.

Thanks for visiting the blog and commenting.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi FL,

I wish more people with positive thoughts like you would write in to congratulate our tiny red dot.

Thanks again for your constant support with the postings and stories.

Anonymous said...

Are you sure they are not coming to check out this liitle red dot as a strategic rocket base? The same reason why the limeys eyed Tumasik - Suez Canal of S E Asia for their own devious naval exploitations.