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Malaysian General Election 2018 Zainal Alam Advice 1955 Lagu Mengundi



This posting is not a propaganda to vote for any party in Malaysia. I have no interest in politics but love this song as it was played daily on the radio during election time in 1955. I was only 15 but remember it well.

Malayan Broadcast:

Before Singapore gained its independence in 1965, radio broadcast coming from Malaya was nothing special and many Singaporeans listened to the news and entertainment provided. So when the Malayan elections were about to be held on July 27th in 1955, announcements on the radio were common. It wasn't the election that attracted me but the song, composed by a humorous, radio personality called Zainal Alam.
Zainal Alam:

He had a successful career in broadcasting in Malaya and to improve himself took up a Government Management Program in the USA. According to a website, "his course-mate friend was John F. Kennedy" who later became the President.  Besides Malay, Zainal speaks the local languages and dialects. In fact, his version of Rose, Rose I Love You has verses in Malay, Chinese and Tamil.

*Pak Lam as they called him was talented and versatile. Before singer and wife of P. Ramlee became famous as Saloma she was a.k.a. Salmah Ahmad and was Zainal's backup singer. It finally led up to him composing a song about her Even P. Ramlee was unable to name any of his songs after Saloma.  Ramlee composed Azizah, Hamidah, Zubaidah but no Saloma. That was Zainal Alam's influence and popularity those years.

'The Voting Song' In English with part of the lyrics below. Video from: PakLongKlasik. Thank you.

The Message:

He wrote humorous songs and peppered them using colloquial catchphrases that everybody understood. One of his songs I love was Vote, VoteVote. I searched for it on YouTube, and after so many years found it, posted by PakLongKlasik. Below are the lyrics in the English version. 

It was an attractive jingle and played like a commercial day and night before election time, encouraging the populace to vote wisely. Psychologically as most commercials do, these tunes stick in the head. Plain brainwashing... But it was good advice, and still is.

The Voting Song
By Mr Zainal Alam

Vote vote vote, everybody vote
Remember 27th is the day
Don't forget that you must not delay
Vote wisely vote with care everybody vote

Polling day all over Malaya
27th of July of this year
Remember to go and vote my dear
Good for you and good for me
People of Malaya

When you vote you must vote wisely
What people say you 'jangan peduli' (don't bother)
Use your head think very carefully
Because once you vote
There is no 'lagi sa-kali' (one more time)

Your vote counts in a democracy
When you vote you vote in secrecy
Go and vote for your candidate
Go  there early, mark correctly
Don't you hesitate

Forgotten to bring your identity card
If you do then voting is not hard
That is all I have got to say
If you have a vote then 
Use it on Polling Day

In Malay: Mari Mengundi Pilihanraya Pertama Tanah Melayu 1955 Video NIEI TV

Image: Google.
YouTube Video by wgc26.
*This edited piece of information is from YouTube contributor zainulazizan.



Superb Andy, superb.


How very true, only our generation can comprehend.
How very true, "jangan peduli" cos, "tak'da lagi sekali".


Good memory of special person and event.


Thanks for sharing Zainal Alam song on voting.
Very nostalgic. Tears swell in my eyes.

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