Tuesday, March 06, 2018

Academy Award Oscar Winner Rita Moreno N Dress Meet Singaporean

Ms Rita Moreno:

Sarong Kebaya Outfit
Hollywood legend and movie star, Rita Moreno who was one of the highlights of the show at Oscar Night 2018 was in Singapore in May, 1962 for the premiere screening of her movie, Summer And Smoke. She was mobbed by the huge crowd waiting for her in the lobby of the Cathay Cinema for the all-Malaysia screening. 

That evening she wasn't wearing her famous dress but a beautiful, figure-fitting multi-coloured sarong kebaya combination. She had fallen in love with the Asian dresses she had seen and bought them during her five-day visit to Singapore; they would include the cheongsam and sari too. According to her, oriental clothes were more feminine compared to American clothing. She had been purchasing many pieces.

Advertisement from the Straits Times 1962 promoting a Rita Moreno show in Singapore. Note the bands featured with the singers Rosalind Ong and Ruby Wah, the notable Sid Gomez and Jose Daroya bands.

Ms Moreno had probably been on a Singapore shopping spree after her big win at the Academy Awards nearly 60 years ago. When asked about her movie, she exclaimed that she enjoyed every moment making it. 

Now what's more interesting is, a Singaporean had seen this petite actress and made contact with her.

Mr Stephen Han:

Mr Stephen Han, a Facebook friend, who was present at the premiere commented that he met Rita Moreno that evening. Here's his story:

"Rita Moreno won the best-supporting-actress academy award for her performance in the West Side Story along with George Chakiris as the supporting actor.

She visited Singapore after the Oscar Award. As she passed by me at the Cathay Cinema, I said, "Congratulation!" to her and she was so elated and happy that she came and shook my hand and said thank you.

Glad she was able to wear the same dress to the 2018 Academy function."

So there, a night he can never forget, meeting up with one of the prettiest Hollywood stars and dancers in the world. Thank you, Mr Han, for your contribution to this blog. I'm sure Rita Moreno remembers you. Let's hope she reads this blog and write back to you on the Facebook connection below:


Rita Moreno sings about America: YouTube Video from MOVIECLIPS 

Images: Google and Stephen Han's Facebook page.
YouTube Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=15&v=YhSKk-cvblc



Marvellous Stephen Han ...you met Rita Moreno ... a never forgotten day !!!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks everyone and Sui Pang, including Stephen who allowed me to share his story on my blog.


Yes indeed a memorable occasion that l had not forgotten to date.Nice meeting you too.