Saturday, March 31, 2018

Easter Sunday 2018 Is April Fool's Day Too

Dr Stephen Woodcock, from the University of Technology Sydneysaid in a post on the Sydney Morning Herald (30 March 2018) that it is a slightly strange quirk and will happen again in 11 years time and again 11 years after that.

"Then it won't happen again for another 70 years," he explained.

A rare combination indeed and it is a unique day when we celebrate Easter 2018 and yet make jokes about the day being 1st April too.

Here are connections for both occasions where I had posted Easter songs and April Fool songs but on different pages. You will note the Easter postings exceed the April Fool ones by two-thirds:

'Pieces of April' 3 Dog Night YouTube Video from GreatPerformers1. Truly a favourite April song of mine and I must thank GreatPerformers1 for putting it up on YouTube (Andy). 



A Happy Easter to all believers. Don't fool around too much this year. Cheers.

Information from:
Sydney Morning Herald (30 March 2018): 
By Neelima Choahan & Liam Mannix

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