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Singapore Had Great Music Before Cliff Richard came:

A big thank you for reading my music blog. It has reached about 60,000 monthly readers (20 February 2018) and beyond 70,000 views on 3 March 2018. I am glad to have interested some of you in our local music and its influence from around the world.

The 60's was huge for Singapore's music boys and girls. But please don't forget that we really didn't start from there. Way before that we had a lot of imported influence internationally. People from all over the globe visited our port to trade and bring in goods, services and of course, music. 

Many of us had radios that we listened to every day and night because we had neither television nor computers or even Rediffusion to entertain us. A few had 78 rpm records to play on their gramophone grinding machines. And the most famous dog of all famous dogs was listening to His Master's Voice on this machine.
The most famous music dog of all, HMV or His Master's Voice which started in England.

The three entertainment Worlds, The Great World at Kim Seng Road, The New World at Kitchener Road and The Happy World at Geylang Road brought in international entertainment that most Singaporeans in the 50's could enjoy. 

There were singers and musicians at these Worlds. The Happy and Great World cabarets had Chinese artistes, the Happy (Gay) World stadium had Xavier Cugat with Abbe Lane and Pasir Panjang's West Point had Filipino musicians. 
Xavier Cugat with wife Abbe Lane was in Singapore in the 50's.

The Flamingos combo band and the first vocal group ever to have cut a vinyl, The Crescendos, were already singing their lungs out. Singapore music came way back when, before Cliff Richard and The Shadows hit our trail. 

On the other hand, the vibrant music scene in some of our hotels, like the Raffles and Goodwood, the nightclubs, divas from our surrounding countries were already engaged at the microphones and stages to provide live entertainment, backed by some of the finest professional musicians around.

And so on.

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