Wednesday, November 08, 2017

Sam Gan Pianist Tributes Peggy Tann Pianist

After the two Peggy Tann articles were written by Henri Gann (Trekkers), my blog received a lot of mail pertaining to this pretty lady pianist. They were mostly short comments.

The comment below from Sam Gan, another prominent Singaporean pianist whom I have much respect for, is a longer piece which I thought could stand alone as a concise post-column about Ms Tann. 

Play it again Sam. And thank you very much for this insight.
Hi Andy,

Nice story on the late Peggy Tan. I remember she played in her father's (HH Tan's) band when I was still in school in the early fifties, in 1953 or 1954 at the Ambassador Hotel (later known as The Dukes Hotel) in Tanjong Rhu. 

The late tenor saxophonist and guitarist John Lee was an integral member of HH Tan's band. I think they also performed at the old Majestic Hotel (Nam Tian - yellow image) in Chinatown. Peggy's trio at the Princes Garni's Tea-time dances consisted of Peggy on piano, Billy Martinez on double bass and the late Sanip Ismail on drums.

They were already playing great bebop songs like Confirmation, Jordu, Nardis from their vast repertoire of jazz standards. Peggy was the first female professional Singaporean musician and a very accomplished one too. She, like Teresa Khoo, who came on the scene in the 60's were beautiful and shy and very soft spoken.

When she played at the French Restaurant at the Cockpit Hotel (image above) in 1971 and 1972, my band had moved from the French Restaurant to the new Chinese Restaurant that the Indonesian owner Mr Hoo Liong Ting had at the new wing of the old Cockpit Hotel. We had been at the French Restaurant since 1961.

Sam Gan on the piano: 'I Love You For Sentimental Reasons' YouTube.

Peggy was indeed a great and multi-talented professional whom all Singaporeans can be proud of especially me, who had the privilege of knowing her.


Sam Gan



ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Sam Gan wrote about Peggy Tan last year and I forgot to post it. Here's from him my FB readers and his tribute to Peggy. Thanks, Sam for the sweet sweet story...

MY apologies.


Peggy Tann appeared on b/w tv on many occasions.A nice lady with a good voice


Hi Andy - In the 60's Peggy and Teresa were two acomplished lady pianists/ singers in and from Singapore. Talented musicians/singers are often talented in more than one aspect of music..Cheerio.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks to FB friends who LIKE this post. Two legendary figures here. I'm just wondering if SAM GAN has performed at the ESPLANADE? Don't you think he should?

FACEBOOK said...

John Cher
Jennie Law
Top Gunter
Rose Khoo
Monica Pestana
Peter Cheong
Winston Koh
Tan Ser Kiong
Tommy Gomes
Yip Dick


Hi Andy

I wouldn't say he should but would rather say it would be good if he could. It is good for Singaporeans to know of our talented musicians of years gone by. Cheerio

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Michael.

Many living legends still who have not been exposed to the younger generation. Somehow, before they leave our earth, they should perform on SG stage. Like Mr JULAI TAN, who had recently appeared during our NATIONAL DAY celebrations.


Yes, if the are still around and able to. Cheerio


I had seen both Sam Gan and Peggy Tann live.Saw Peggy a couple of times with her dad’s band.

Unknown said...

Hi All , Does anyone of you know where Sam Gan is living now and his contact details.? I am his cousin and have lost contact with him and would like to catch up with him.

Jeff Lim Lam Geok Email: