Sunday, October 01, 2017

Behind The Cameras: Rolling Good Times, Rick Astley, Jack Neo, Dick Lee, Brian Richmond, Tan Kheng Hua, John Leong: With Andy Young

For easy access, the reader can click to any of the connections below and watch or read the TV shows, radio programs, and documentaries I have appeared in with the following artistes:

Rick Astley and Dick Lee In Rolling Good Times

Adrian Tan, Conductor: Singapore Wind Symphony playing, You're The Boy

Jack Neo, Ailen Tan, Chua En Lai and Silver Strings in Not The 5 Show

Brian Richmond: Sunday With Brian, Vintage Showcase

Anita Kapoor, Lim Chen Sian: Treasure Hunt: Andy's Vinyl Collection


Film Crew of Play Nation With Andy Young

Tan Kheng Hua Actress: Grease, Hair: Looking for Brylcreem

Chang Soh Kiak Producer: Foodage And The Queens Cinema @ Geylang

      RICK ASTLEY                             JACK NEO              DICK LEE 
John Leong, Syahidah Othman CNA: 50 Years Of Singapore Music

Images: A Private Collection, Media Corps, Google.
Syahidah Othman (TV Producer)

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