Friday, October 27, 2017

Halloween True Stories From East and West

Can you truly say they don't exist? If you believe in the Good Spirit shouldn't you recognise the bad spirits too and be warier of them?  Are these nocturnal creatures that shun the sun real? 

You need to look at history, culture, religion and the music or songs that come with these so-called controversial beings that are not supposed to be in existence.

By clicking the connections below, I have gathered the best stories and song postings from this blog with one theme only: unseen creatures that surround us most of the time.

You can take these stories literally, symbolically or with a pinch of Singapore salt.

But make sure you to go to bed with someone tonight. You never can tell...

Happy Halloween, Hungry Ghost Month, Kalong-Weh-Weh or whatever.

Don't be afraid. Click or Touch:👹


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