Monday, August 21, 2017

Top Ten Most Viewed Postings On This Blog (1)

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Below are the last 5 of the top ten most popular postings found on this blog. The list starts with the lowest count. If you wish you can connect to read:


10. Peter, Paul, and Mary: 5,600+ viewers
Mary Travers is dead. From the famous group that gave you, Where Have All The Flowers Gone and Blowin' In The Wind, read how she passed away so many years ago and the song by her with Peter and Paul that was banned in Singapore:


9.   Wild Attractiveness Taiwanese Drummer: 6,200+ viewers
This girl from Taiwan is one of the most attractive drummers this side of the Pacific. Read how she became so famous with more than 8 million viewers on her YouTube postings. She plays on the streets of Taipeh, a phenomenon today. Small White is her name. In Chinese, that's Xiao Pai. Connect with her:


8.   Rolling Good Times With Rick Astley On Channel 5: 6,600+ viewers
Here they are, one of the best 60's guitar group that still plays today. The Silver Strings sing with Rick Astley, Dick Lee and a host of Singapore pop stars on Rolling Good Times on Channel 5. It's a peek preview behind the cameras at the studios:


7.   Worshipping Butt Royalty: 8,600+ viewers
Short shorts were the craze in the 50's and 60's too. And there is a song called, Short Shorts that starts with a wolf-whistle. Listen to it sung by The Royal Teens. These shorts were also known as Hot Pants. And boy, were they hot! A simple yet effective song, reminiscent of the old days:


6.   Sunny Low To Tasha Low, 4 Generations: 9,500+ viewers 
If you were in the 60's you might have seen a dance group on stage that accompanies singers during performances. There were few dance groups then. This one was the most famous and were called, The Sunny Low Dancers

They have gone four generations with Natasha Low (above), Sunny Low's grand daughter, singing and dancing with a K-Pop group called SKarf. There have been changes in her profile recently. Read it from:


So there you are folks, a countdown of the bottom 5 posts.  Check out for the top 5 postings soon. Find out which one is the most popular and the viewership it garnered. You will be surprised.

Images: Google and YouTube.


Jay. H said...

When other drummers say "Original, punchy but not amazing" or "Such solo display cannot adequately qualify a 'good' drummer", I am inclined to think they are just jealous that this girl rocks and a lot of people dig her talent. At the end of the day, it is what non-drummers think and like that defines if a drummer is "good" or not. Pigeonholing by saying "good" is onky if you can play as part of a band is a one-track mode of thinking that is stuck in the past. Evolve or get left behind.
S.White and her buddy Vela Blue are totally awesome drummers who bring the whole package of skill, show(wo)manship, attitude and love of the performance to the table and nothing negative that other drummers say can ever detract from that.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Jay H.,

That's the most refreshing piece of writing I've seen these last few years. You are absolutely right when you mentioned:

"At the end of the day, it is what non-drummers think and like that defines if a drummer is 'good' or not."

I've also learnt a new word: 'onky'. I'm evolving and hope I won't get left behind.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the pointers you provided.

Please write in again when you can. I appreciate your visit.


I remembered watching Sunny Low doing the Cha Cha Cha and Rock N Roll with the Mambo Girl,Grace Chang on the stage at the MajesticTheatre in the late 50s

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks, Stephen. I remember 'Mambo Girl' all right. Grace Chang was a cutie pie. The song was a hit in the music world. And outside the Majestic Cinema was a large area where there was the evening's Pasar Malam selling tons of vinyl records and other fancy but inexpensive goods.