Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Mick Jagger, Donald Trump? 'Gotta Get A Grip'

Sixties music strong man and Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger isn't happy with what's going on in the world today. He just turned 74 on 23 July, about 10 days ago, and has written a new song called England Lost, where he discussed Brexit. 
But what attracted me to the newspaper report in the Straits Times this morning, is not the Brexit song but another one that's supposed to be about Mr Donald Trump. 

The second solo track titled Gotta Get A Grip is a dance tune. He added that he was more inspired by the United States.  The song is being seen as a comment on POTUS.
So here's Mick with his lyrics, which, according to the same newspaper, dump poor Mr Trump:
"Gotta get a grip/Beat it with a stick/Gotta get a grip/She goin' for the hit," as the song begins.
"The world is upside down/Everybody lunatics and clowns/No one speaks the truth/And madhouse runs the town," it goes on.
"Immigrants are pouring in/ Refugees under your skin/Keep 'em under, keep 'em out/Intellectual, shut your mouth/Beat 'em with a stick," it adds. 
From the lyrics provided, they don't sound like an attack on Mr Trump. More like a general statement about the situation in the world today.
"The message, I suppose, is despite all those things that are happening, you've got to get on with your own life, be yourself and attempt to create your own destiny," Jagger said.
Philosophical. More like, "I can't get no, satisfaction..." again.
Come on give Mr Trump a break, and Mick Jagger his song. No names mentioned, so how is it about The Donald?

It's more about the guys at the top. Many of the guys at the top. No specifics.

Everybody's stuffing their pockets
Everybody's on the take
The news is all fake...

The other track. England Lost has the 4th verse referring to Singapore:

Had a girl in Lisbon, a girl in Rome
Now I'll have to stay at home
So lock the shallows, bolt the doors
Nothing's gonna be like Singapore
Don't know what's home...

Comment anyone?
                 "Lunatics and clowns, Mad house runs the town."

You Tube connection: Gotta Get A Grip
Extracts are from AGENCE FRANCE-PRESSE, SPH Website: Lifestyle The Straits Times Press and MailOnline (Edited).
                   "The news is all fake, Immigrants are pouring in."
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SAM QUAH said...

Seriously. ..why do members of Rolling Stones all have craggy faces?

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Seriously... spoke to Mick Jagger once when he was here. Answer: a prerequisite to being the modern day Stones. "Our faces gotta be craggy." Thanks Sam for visiting.

SAM QUAH said...

Remembered that The Rolling Stones were last here in a Singapore ...performing at The Singapore BADMINTON Hall. Hope they weren't craggy then?

Actually what I meant to say is how they all so uncannily look so alike in their vintage days....

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Seriously, Sam, I like their songs. This particular one especially. Thank you.

SAM QUAH said...

I do agree with you, Andy. ...they are legends...The Rolling Stones are out of this world when you see them perform live ....they are the untouchables. .....There is magic when they hold the stage. Cheers

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Sam. Appreciate all your comments. Their latest song, "The world is upside down/Everybody lunatics and clowns/No one speaks the truth/And madhouse runs the town," it goes on.

SAM QUAH said...

Well thought out words for the times we are in......revolutionary at best ! And I am sure will stand the test of time....


Nah, it's dedicated to our little red dot, I'm sure. Thanks, Mick.


Hi Andy,
Like many others today, I share the same view of the world now. The world is in the hands of 'the elite and the intelligent' who eventually screw things up and create problems worldwide and the rest of the world have to pay for their bad deeds!


Maybe Mick should sing Walking The Dog to Donald Trump as he had done nothing for America yet.He thinks he is still acting in The Apprentice and telling his staff "You Fired"

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Actually, the intended reason for my post is to bring to my readers' attention Mick Jagger's lyrics ie: the disastrous situation the world is in today in his new song, GOTTA GET A GRIP. Thanks.

SAM QUAH said...

All good Andy.... it's the spur of the moment when comments are made... not necessarily to the issue on hand but the subject in itself... it's great that you got many involved... and that matters.


If England is truly Lost as predicted by Mick Jagger then everyone in Britain should sing more often this song like we did in the50s and 60s-"God Save The Queen".


Gotta Get A Grip / England Lost
I'm excited to share new music with you! I started writing these two songs a few weeks back and wanted to get them out to you straight away. I feel a slight throwback to a time when you could be a bit more free and easy by recording and putting it out there immediately. Enjoy them.