Friday, June 23, 2017

Joe Peters From His Facebook Portfolio

Joe Peters from his Facebook Portfolio:

Consultant Musicologist
Former Specialist Professor
Former Associate Director (Multimedia)
Studied at U of WAustralia
Studied Music Education, Ethnomusicology
and Performance at UP Diliman
Studied Political Science at U of Singapore
Went to St Joseph's Institution
Lives in Bedok, Singapore

When I wrote to Joe Peters to find out if we had met at a *Freddie Aguilar University talk some years ago, he wasn't sure but said: "You are writing a great blog and I do read that. Keep doing it and try and tell the musical story of Singapore when we were younger!"

My reply: "Thanks, Joe, coming from you that's something. Just giving back what little I have. The only problem, I wish I could put them all in a little book."

*Composer and singer of, Anak, a Philippino pop hit from 1977. He is a one-hit wonder. 

Images: Facebook.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

Hi Joe Peter.
its so great to find you.
i remember you from my stay at IC 79 to 82. your conducting of loy loy katong and we are the world in which i was wearing my country traditional dress is still etched in my memories..
Asif Ansari, Pakistsn