Sunday, May 21, 2017

Good Looking Fatso Recalls Singapore Pops

Suittuapui wrote to me a long time ago, and as I rolled around, with my mouse, I found his letter by chance, which I had forgotten to post. I apologise for the long wait but here it is in full. He also tells us who he is. Thank you for writing.

Suituapui (sui = good-looking, tua-pui = fatso) says:

Ooooo...  one of my all-time favourite songs. 3 Dog Night's Pieces of April - 1973. I was in Singapore that year, Stamford College, Waterloo Street. 

Those were the days. I saw Heather and the Thunderbirds - Lost Horizon, Shangri La... and also another place, Malaysia Hotel... can't remember the name now.  

I saw a very young Anita Sarawak too - Top of the Hilton.  Oooo... What memories. 
Silver Strings Shirley Nair: Come Home To Me: You Tube Video by Basil Yeo.

Love Shirley Nair's Come Home to Me. I hear she has passed on, real sad. I knew Veronica but I can't remember what songs. Teresa Khoo's Singaporean too or not? I remember her Unspoken Words.

I like Russ Hamilton's My Mother's Eyes best. When I was a kid, my father had the LP record. I don't think it's a lullaby - years later, I was singing another Russ Hamilton's song to put my little girl to sleep -  Little One. That's a nice lullaby.  

Who’s Suituapui?  

Personally, I am
…chronologically-advanced but always young at heart. Horizontally-challenged, hence the name or in short, STP, which means, “Good-Looking Fatso”.

…someone with a passion for food! I know the best places to eat, that’s for sure and enjoy cooking but mostly the simple stuff – mum’s home-cooked favourites!

…one who likes meeting people and mingles well with friends of all ages, both young and old.

…an ardent radio-listener. I enjoy the current hit songs as well as some older ones. No particular favourite singer or band; anything that is nice.

Thank you Suituapui for this cavalcade of Singapore songs, singers, bands and entertainment venues that you have so informatively mentioned. 

If you read this post, do write in again. Andy. 

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Basil Yeo said...

Thanks for the share man.. I'm only 28 but I really love old local music...

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Basil for visit and support. Visit the blog again, anytime.


The Quest. Checkmates. Thunderbirds. Dukes. Trailers. Stylets. Jets & ???


No idea. Too young then. haven't even learned to play the guitar

SAM QUAH said...

Danny... currently with Thunderbirds... great guy!


Gene Krupa of Benny Goodman, Wee Guan of the Quest, Buddy Rich of his own band, Sandy Nelson, Cosy Cole and Art Blakey. Also Rufino Soliano of RTS and Louis Soliano and his own band.