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Pop Singers Aged 80's To 90's With First Hits (1)

This posting dated 8 April 2017 shows pop singers who are in their 80's and 90's but who are still around. 

A news flash, on 25 October 2017, announced the death of one of them, FATS DOMINO (below) who passed away at 89 years. Many teens who grew up in the 50's are familiar with Fats Domino, whereas those who grew up in the 60's connected with Cliff Richard. 

Domino's hit, Blueberry Hill made it so high, other followers were trying to head up the same Hill for fame and fortune. Now he's gone too, and like many of his fans sadly commented, "Ain't That A Shame."  R.I.P. Fats.

PS: One of the simplest songs, I was initiated into the faculty of singing with beginning music like Blueberry Hill. Then came Your Cheating Heart (Hank Williams) and Travelling Light (Cliff Richard).
With the exception of Mr Fats Domino (image above), the other singers and entertainers below are, hopefully, enjoying their silver years.


Many pop singers who started their singing career in the 40's, 50's or 60's would now be aged 70 and beyond. Some others would have passed on. 

Listed below are vocalists who are still around, documented with their first hits or otherwise, and who are now into their septuagenarian and octogenarian years.

Their ages are shown as of April 2017 and in order of:
Name of Singer - Age - Date of Birth - Song - Year Recorded💗

Doris Day               95 - 1922 - Sentimental Journey - 1945
Charles Aznavour    92 - 1924 - J'ai Bu - 1950; She - 1974
Tony Bennett          90 - 1926 - Because of You - 1951
Harry Belafonte      90 - 1927 - Banana Boat Song - 1956
Cleo Laine              89 - 1927 - You'll Answer To Me - 1961
Shirley Jones
Fats Domino           89 - 1928 - Blueberry Hill - 1956 (Gone on 25/10/17)
Burt Bacharach       88 - 1928 - The Look of Love - 1967
Vic Damone            88 - 1928 - You're Breaking My Heart -1949
Rolf Harris              87 - 1930 - Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport - 1960
D. J. Fontana          86 - 1931 - Drummer - Elvis Presley Hits - 1950's

Des O'Connor

Des O'Connor         85 - 1932 - I Pretend - 1968
Loretta Lynn           84 - 1932 - I'm A Honky Tonk Girl - 1960
Petula Clark            84 - 1932 - Downtown - 1964
Little Richard          84 - 1932 - Tutti Frutti - 1955
Yoko Ono               84 - 1933 - Open Your Box - 1971
Quincy Jones          84 - 1933 - The Eyes of Love - 1968

Petula Clark
Willie Nelson          83 - 1933 - Hello Walls - 1961
John Mayall            83 - 1933 - Room To Move - 1969
Charlie Pride          83 - 1934 - Kiss An Angel Good Mornin' - 1971
Shirley Jones         83 - 1934 - Oklahoma (Movie) - 1955

Images: Fats Domino (deceased), Shirley Jones, Des O'Connor, Petula Clark - Google
Information: Wikipedia.


henri gann said...

Good Morning Andy ! Consider your blog is now part of my morning read :)
A good list of memories! You now have my "earworm" ringing with the tunes from Fats Domino, Charley Pride, Willie Nelson, Little Richard, Harry Belafonte for sure and as for Petula Clarke's "Downtown ? "... you just took me back in time and gave me that homesick feeling. Ha !

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

I have taken some advice from lead guitarist of The Trekkers.

Thank you for suggesting putting up a list of our Senior Singers: Sixties Seventies.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...




SPYeo said...

Sorry to hear Fats Domino has died. He was 96? Did the Beatles plagiarise his early music? True? You're the expert.


Hey Yeah Man, Andy! One of the founding fathers of rock and roll has gone at 89. Without him and all the rest Music, would not have been the same.

On behalf of all rock and roll music lovers, I want to thank you Mr Antoine Dominique Domino Jr and all the other great music pioneers for making our life so happy with all those great songs.

Hope wherever you all are now you guys will just continue to do what you all do best: bringing happiness to others with your great songs and melodies.

RIP MR FATS DOMINO. We al sure gonna miss you!

henri gann said...

ABC/CBS News Tonight
"...I wouldn't say I started Rock n Roll but I don't remember anyone before me playing that stuff " - said Fats Domino
- Fats Domino created a new style of music called Rock n Roll
- 23 Gold Records, 37 Top 40 Singles, 65 million Singles Sold on a career that spanned 5 decades
- His biggest was Blueberry Hill; the song entered pop culture as an anthem for young lovers
- He inspired musicians some who began as fans would later performed with him ( the Beatles ); even Elvis called him the King ; Rolling Stones likened him to Benjamin Franklin, the love for the revolutionary changes he made to R n B
- He had 8 children, a man with few words and a self taught pianist, a soothing baritone voice. He never forgot his New Orleans Roots
- His last LP " Alive and Kickin' " , a reminder to concern fans when he almost died in Hurricane Katrina


Fats Domino's 'Blueberry Hill' is one of my all-time favourites. There's another 'hill' song that brings back memories of my youth -- 'On Mockingbird Hill'. Patti Page sings it with such a lilt that it warms the heart. Those indeed were the days, my friend... would they ever end???