Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Blog Comments Highlighted

8,035 Comments Since November 2008:
Hi Andy,

Brenda (NIE):
Thank you for sharing. I had enjoyed it. I like your blog which is purposeful, unlike social media which is too crowded. I like that your blog is becoming a digital space.

Clinton Carnegie (US):
I've been following your blog for a long time. What a great body of work. Keep up on your wonderful site.

Joe Peters (PhD Musicologist): 
Great blog.

Dawn Tan (CNA Anchor): 
A great chance meeting Andy Young, while filming for Money Mind CNA.

Mr X: MediaCorp Radio DJ:
I'm not a huge fan but Gaga's half-time show 51 was the best in history.

Christopher Toh (Today Journalist):
Hope you had a good day spent in Rooster year.

Irene Hoe (Journalist for many magazines):
Keep 'em coming.

Chris Ho: MediaCorp Radio DJ: 
Interesting blog.

CYLin: (Blog Writer)
Also notice a large number of followers.

Dr. Lee Yan San (MD Penang Malaysia):
Glad to know that you are still very active and doing such an excellent job.

Tan Soo Khoon (Former MP and Speaker for Singapore Parliament): 
Good article by Michael. Captures the early days succinctly.😊

Larry Lai: Former Rediffusion DJ:
Nice post, Andy.
Clareese X:
I'm a research intern with NU Baba House... came across your blog... arrange an interview with you?

Laurence Lim: 
Just finished reading your blog. Well done. If only it were commercially done. Jack Ma might make you an offer.

Thank you for the great song. Rita sang beautifully.

S. Leng (Lecturer Tertiary Education):
Just my kind of music. Saw those old photos once in the papers. Did wonder if Andy Lim is you.
Henri Gann: 
I consider your blog as part of my morning read.

Faris K: 
Sir, I am currently a student in NUS. I hope you will be able to assist me.

Marsha Wright (USA): 
Great to meet you Andy, Singapore Music.

Adrian Wang: 
Do you have the Nestle Milk Jingle in English.

Fred Ching:
Thanks brother. These are some of my favourite Malay songs which I idolise during by teenage years.

Ooi Chong Hock (Taiping Malaysia):
Thanks for your very informative story of Feng Fei Fei.

Yen Chow: 
Thank you for sharing. Didn't know about bubble-gum music.
Rimi Basu: 
Nice post. Thank you for sharing.

John Cher: 
Michael Bangar is one of the best for history of local bands and musicians.

Patrick Chan (Lead guitar, The Patricians): 
Thanks for your post.

The above are only a few of the comments published. Thank you.

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Anonymous said...

Did d name johnny young talent something at bencoolen st sounds familiar,or are johnny young himself?

Anonymous said...

I understood Rita Chao reside in yishun for a long time.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi anon,
Thanks for writing and visiting the blog.

I am not Johnny Young. He used to talent scout people for his shows. He used to own an event organisation I think. I am Andy with my stage name YOUNG. Not related.

Rita Chao used to live there I think but she had passed on.


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