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Lady Gaga Super Bowl 2017 Jazz n Tony Bennett

"When this performance makes your GRANDPARENTS say they appreciate Gaga, life is complete. Now they understand her true talent that they couldn't see behind the huge charade (i love both ways)" Sophie Connolly, referring to Gaga's Vegas stage performance, Sinatra 100 All-Star Grammy, December 2015. YouTubeReader.

An original article by Andy Lim:

Whether you're into today's pop music or otherwise, Lady Gaga doesn't need any introduction. Her very name invites discussion and her chameleon-like changes of face, hairstyle, costume, has made her an enigma, even today. Many seniors who love 60's music may have heard of her but do not know her music.

She has the vocal range of a contralto, the lowest female voice type, that is, soprano, mezzo-soprano and contralto. And her songs like Just DanceBad Romance, Poker Face, Paparazzi, Edge of Glory, Born This Way and Telephone are some of her hits.  She is considered to be one of the best selling musicians of all time.

Born in the mid 80's she grew up listening to the music of The Beatles, Stevie Wonder, Queen, Pink Floyd, Mariah Carey, Led Zeppelin, Elton John and others.
                    Lady Is A Tramp (Video by tonybennettVIVO) 

So why is she appearing on a 60's music blog?

I've been watching her on YouTube (not live when she was here a few years ago) and appreciate some of her current hits but when I saw her perform again at half-time during the Super Bowl 2017 a few days ago, with her super-league championship display of vocal, musical and acrobatic talents, I realise she must be introduced to Singapore Seniors.

Whenever I asked some music friends to listen to her, the first usual comment would be their demolition of her strange name.  And they are not impressed. 
"Give me Aretha Franklin or Nancy Wilson anytime," they would reply.

"Or Natalie Cole," another senior would remark. 

"Yes and Connie Francis," said a third.

Her name describes her because I went gaga the first time I saw her on YouTube with Tony Bennett singing, The Lady Is A Tramp, a hot jazz standard with most all Singapore seniors and still hot today. And a classy tramp with a beautiful voice she was. 

Now, why would a current pop singer with about 175 million albums and singles sold be interested in recording old jazz classics?

Here's the story. In 2011, after listening to Lady Gaga sing Nat Cole's Orange Colored Sky, Tony Bennett invited her to record Lady is a Tramp with him on Duet II, an album of jazz hits that included Michael Buble, Willie Nelson, Aretha Franklin and Sheryl Crow among other greats. 

Who Can I Turn To, The Way You Look Tonight, Stranger In Paradise and On The Sunny Side of the Street were some of the songs recorded.
Then in late 2014, Lady Gaga did another jazz album with Tony Bennett. This time around she shared her album with no one except Bennett alone and singing with him, Cheek To Cheek

Standards included those composed by George Gershwin, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and Jerome Kern. It was Lady Gaga's wish to introduce these songs to a younger generation of listeners as the songs are evergreens and have universal appeal.

In mid-2014, she started promoting the album. Her performances were either with or without Tony Bennett. At the same time, she decided to have another tattoo, a Miles Davies trumpet and proclaimed, "Its jazz time, world!"
They appeared at venues with smaller audiences and if you watch some of their videos on YouTube, you should be convinced that she belongs in the class of one of the world's great jazz singers.

Cheek To Cheek, Nature Boy, I Can't Give You Anything But Love, Sophisticated Lady and Goody Goody are just some of the songs I am familiar with. 

Bridge the generation gap with her jazz goldies and like Christina Aguilar (*read my posting of her with Cher), I appreciate Lady Gaga just as much.

So senior readers here is  Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta. Don't go gaga watching her. Listen to her sing...

Disclaimer: This post does not promote any album by any artiste. 

Read Cher and Christina Aguilar:

                       Cheek To Cheek (Video by: Ruben Christian)

Images: Google.  

Her many faces taken from:

YouTube: Lady Is A Tramp (tonybennettVIVO) and Cheek To Cheek (Ruben Christian)
                                I Wish @ Stevie Wonder Tribute.


RC said...

Lady Gaga, except for the costly stage lighting and presentation, I really do not see any other thing that is of interest, even her song though she does have a good voice. This is just my opinion. Anyway thanks for sharing.


Lady Gaga - Super Bowl 2017 half time show. That's how you do it. Production, performance and a real vocalist.


Lady Gaga is a great singer! Yes, I echo withyou on her splendid performance!! Super talented singer/entertainer!! Love her jazz numbers with Tony Bennett.


So amazing !! What a special pair made in heaven ! Gaga will be carrying the torch some day, just watch and see this is her true start and it's now a limitless journey.


Jazz is what she has always done best. When I've seen her live... she always sings best when she is singing her slower songs or covers from other artists when is just her sat at the piano. The woman can really sing and people just don't realise it because most of her songs are pop/typical chart music.

POP CRUSH said...

Shock rocker Alice Cooper has revealed that he warned Lady Gaga about the dangers of letting her over-the-top stage persona infiltrate and take over her life. He encouraged her to keep some semblance of Stefani Gemanotta on the surface, especially when she is offstage. Since Cooper is a legend in the rock world, he’s certainly worth taking advice from.



MR X (RADIO DJ) said...

I'm not a huge fan... but GaGa's halftime show at superbowl 51 was the best in history...
The girl can sing... deal with it!

Will Xavier (MR X)


HI Andy

Without a doubt, she has got a good voice with a high pitch and to sing it together with a world renowned personality like Tony Bennett does makes a good combination. The choice of Lady is a Trump, a jazz classic favorite gives her instant recognition in this genre.

Cheers - Rickie

JAMES KWOK said...

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ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

thank you all for the comments. I sent this to some friends and readers.

Hi Guys,

Give her a break. She's very good. Especially with her jazz standards singing with Tony Bennett.

Don't bother with her name; listen to her sing.

Check her out.



It was by chance that I caught this performance which was telecast by MediaCorp sometime back. To begin with, I'm no fan of Lady Gaga. I don't know any of the songs made popular by her and wouldn't even attend her performance if I was given free tickets.

However, watching her performance with Tony Bennett dispelled all my negative impressions of her. What a classy performance and her vocal range is awesome.

I thoroughly enjoyed every minute of it.

J LADY said...

Thanks for sharing. I heard of this song sometime last year.

Yup. it's an interesting mix.
True there are a few good singers around. They are like gems in an ocean of artists.


I want to do ALL the Gaga looks!! Amazing!!


Hi Andy,
Thank you for sharing these articles; I had just read your write-up on Lady Gaga (wow, I didn't know she can sing jazz! Your recording on 'Lady Is A Tramp' is amazing! I personally thought she is a great role model - tolerant, innovative, individualistic, with professional work ethic).

Anonymous said...

Its like you read my mind! You seem to know a lot about this, like you wrote the book in it or something.
I think that you could do with a few pics to drive the message home
a little bit, but instead of that, this is excellent blog.
A fantastic read. I'll certainly be back.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you very much, ANONYMOUS. That's one of the most complimentary comments for this posting. Hopefully, you will visit this blog again.

I have put up your comment on the FRONT RIGHT BAR.