Friday, December 30, 2016

What Happened On New Year Eve n New Year Day ?

Remembering the passing away of four* super stars this Christmas week, John Cher a regular contributor to the blog, recalls 1985 and 1953 where two tragedies occurred during the New Year season.

As John reminds us all: Tomorrow is promised to no one!   Every day, every hour, indeed every minute is a gift from God!

Here's his letter:

New Year's Eve and New Year's Day, arguably two of the happiest days of the year.  Very aptly, millions all over the world meet to celebrate and to welcome the New Year with high hopes and great expectations!  For American music lovers,  at countless parties and social gatherings during this season of good cheer, very often,  conversations would inevitably converge to two well loved and deeply missed iconic entertainers, Hank Williams and Ricky Nelson.

December 31 1985,  New Year's Eve:    

A privately owned DC3 plane crashed in Texas.  The pilot and co-pilot, though badly burned, survived the crash.  Sadly all the other passengers died including its owner, Ricky Nelson and his fiancee, Helen Blair.  The plane was taking Ricky Nelson, and his band members to a New Year's Eve concert in Dallas.

Ricky was aged 45. He was a household name, well known as a pop singer but was also an actor.  His most remembered movie was Rio Bravo, which starred John Wayne and Dean Martin as well. Ricky Nelson recorded many wonderful songs and many of these were performed in his last concert in 1985.  

January 1st 1953, New Year's Day:  

The first super star of modern country music who sang of soaring joy and sad, sad songs,  Hank Williams was found dead in the backseat of his Cadillac. He was on the way to perform at a New Year's Day concert but never made it. A police officer informed the manager of the theatre where Hank was to perform of his death.  

                            Hank Williams Hits - Candy Channel 313.

When it was announced to the waiting audience, one by one, members of the audience rose up to sing  I Saw The Light, a gospel song written by Hank.  Hank Williams was only 29 years old.

Life is indeed like a flickering candle light, it is so fragile, one minute it is lit and the next, it is extinguished.  Very often things just do not work out the way we planned.  Broken and shattered dreams are indeed a part of life.  But life goes on!

Tomorrow is promised to no one!   Every day, every hour, indeed every minute is a gift from God!  Let us cherish it and always, always remember to count our blessings for each day!

All the best everyone!  Happy 2017!


December Deaths 2016
Greg Lake - singer - 7th
Rick Parfitt - singer - 24th
Richard Adams - novelist - 24th
George Michael - singer - 25th
Carrie Fisher - actress - 27th
Debbie Reynolds - actress - 28th

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Henri Gann said...

And now Debbie Reynolds...
" She died of a broken heart...She wanted to be with Carrie Fischer" Mirror 12/29/2016
Life is but a fleeting glance.


He was my singing hero in my teens


It's a precious photo Jimmy... Priceless


thanks randy i used to spend my pocket money on stamps to write to them 20 cents seamail, but the joy comes 6 months later when you get a present like this... i have quite a few. Ricky was exceptional as he regularly senT me photos of his parents Ozzie and Harriet, David Nelson, his brother and hs lovely then wife Kris Harmon... so I was very upset when he was killed... jimmy




Someday by Ricky Nelson and Early Morning Rain by Elvis are my favourites

ROSE TY said...

I love Ricky Nelson. It*s a pity he died very young.

ROSE KHOO said...

We should count our blessings every day


Someday, Lonesome Town, Travelling Man, Mary Lou, Garden Party, so many hits.
Love Ricky and still have his precious autographs.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks to John Cher and his Facebook friends for support and replies.

End of year deaths is a topic much discussed currently with the passing away of 6 top celebrities these past few days. Ricky Nelson's and Hank Williams' deaths were no exception. They drew much attention those years.

You can read about the present death toll of US and UK pop stars and actresses by checking out DECEMBER DEATHS under the CONTENT column on the right side of the blog.

John Cher said...

Hello Andy! What a blast to end 2016 with the final story on your blog and also to be in the #1 position for the Week's Top Ten. For the folks from my era, Ricky Nelson and Hank Williams are huge stars! It is profoundly sad that they passed away at such early ages. Of course they are not the only ones. The parallels would be James Dean, Bruce, Brandon Lee and others. Perhaps, just perhaps, it is God's way to remind all us that our earthly existence is as fragile as fragility could be! And if that be so, why all the useless pride, arrogance and sometimes cruelties that man show towards man! When a person dies, it does not matter if one is a king or a pauper! Lets all strive to enter 2017 a little kinder, a little more forgiving, and a little more humble. Humility is the virtue upon which all other virtues are built upon. But, truly a virtue worth achieving!

Andy, your wonderful blog is educational as well as entertaining. It has been such a pleasure and privilege for me to have been able to contribute in a meagre way to it.

Here's wishing you, your family and loved ones as well as all your readers, the very best for the New Year!

God bless!

John Cher

Henri Gann said...

A difficult year. We lost so many.
In Memoriam for 2016
Debbie Reynolds, Carrie Fischer
George Michael, David Bowie,Gene Wilder Leon Russell, Glen Frey l, George Martin
Zsa Zsa Gabor,John Glenn,Robert Vaughn
Arnold Palmer ,Merle Haggard
Leonard Cohen l, Nancy Reagan
Muhammad Ali, Fidel Castro and Prince
and for Singapore, visionary "LKY" !

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

John, I've practically kidnapped you from your family, helping me out these months to write stories about our local 60's musicians and their overseas influence.

There's a glow to your artistry, attracting a large following from your Facebook, WhatsApp, Google+ and email friends and fans.

God Bless for a sincere and charitable friend like you.

We all benefit from your kindness.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you Henri for your constant support to this blog. Yes, all the stars you mentioned are now shining still.

I think if we look up in the sky, we may see more twinkling ones, again trying to reach us.

God Bless Us All.

Happy New Year.

FRED CHING said...

I was only 5 when this came out, but my parents used to play it and I can completely identify with the sentiment of what you have written. John, thank you for sharing a part of your soul and it's good to know there are people out there like you who treasure these rare perfect moments in life..Happy New Year . Cheers!

FRED CHING said...

I was stunned at hearing the tragic news in 1985. I do have fond memories of Ricky Nelson, his songs are so powerful and they're really touching ones heart. Here's my special rememberance..TO longer with us but always in our thoughts <3 <3

Henri Gann said...

Talking about Ricky Nelson, I know his song "Someday" was a popular first guitar song to learn in the 50s. I was a pre-teen than. I remember James Choa and Charlie Koh demonstrating the guitar chords to me.
And upon my first return visit to Singapore after 14 yrs, my brother John took me to a club on Orchard to listen to a guy who sang lots of Nelson's song. My brother requested and dedicated the song "Travelin' Man" to me and it is still one of my favorite Nelson song today.