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Andy 60s Music Blog Helps Students & Communities

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College students

I've been helping college students with their term papers since 2009 when younger readers write to me asking for help about Singapore music in the 60's. Two professors had also contacted me regarding documented materials and information.

I will usually meet them at a fast food outlet and chat with them for about two hours. The students are mostly tertiary ones from the universities and polytechnics. Most of the term papers they are writing pertain to the history of local popular culture in Singapore. 


Some producers and film makers from radio, TV, production houses and local/foreign newspapers, write to me requesting for permission to document and film my  small record collection of local music and my hands-on experience as a 1960's band boy (it was a short stint). 

The band and I had appeared twice on Channel 5 prime time slots during, Rolling Good Times (2015) and Not The 5 Show (2016), both of which drew quite large home audiences.  Brian Richmond interviewed me for five slots on his Sunday With Brian radio show.  

In 2016, I had been invited by two producers to appear in another television series about Singapore in the past but had since passed it on to others because of family commitments.

The Singapore You Tube sensation, Shirley Nair's, You're The Boy, which drew three quarters of a million viewers (750,000+), acquired some content and members of the band from this blog. Laurence Lim, a singer with The Trebles group from the 60's appeared as a 'grandfather' on the video.
Arts Organisations

Arts groups and related organisations had also commented on the blog and invited me to talk at workshops and in staging street gigs and in-door concerts, but I left this specialty to the event experts that are around after briefing them on the types of music and performances required for the events.  In related activities the band had performed at the Esplanade, the RELC International Hotel at Orchard and other venues.

Blog Statistics

The statistics available regarding this blog has not been enhanced in any way, not with purchased statistics from any source, nor with Google+. X [former Twitter], is a natural exposure where people interested in Singapore 60's music have written in. 

This posting is not a show of feat but to remind us Singaporeans, that even without much fanfare we should try to help our country men and women in some way, even if it is an insignificant one.

My reward? A young writer I met at an interview once told me, "Mr Lim, every time we look for information regarding local music of the past, we are directed back to your blog!" Can I ask for more?

You can find most of the above stories on this blog if you browse through the postings. Or click Labels below.

Yeah, for local 60's music.

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Letters from students and others:

Hi Andy,

(1) I am M and I am a student from... Singapore. I am currently doing research on the 1970's long hair ban in Singapore and I am looking to speak to individuals whom have personal experience with the regulation. I am particularly interested in individuals whom were involved in the music scene too... M.

(2) I would love to meet and interview you to learn more and recover the music scene in Singapore during the 1960's. I understand that album sleeves are a niche topic, nevertheless, the historical context you are familiar with is very helpful to me to remap how the production of local music and the socio-cultural atmosphere of that time... B.

(3) Hi all, I am in search of possible audio interview of Yardbirds with late legendary Tan Swee Leong at the MacDonald House just prior to their Jan. 18, 1967 concert at the National Theatre, many photos have been found on line from various sources... Anon.

(4) Happening every... we look to celebrate 60's music with a twist. With a live DJ on the decks, we mix 60's music with lounge beats as we look to create a cozy atmosphere for dining. Is there any way that I can contact you in private, and if possible invite you down for a session, so we can gather feedback? I believe this is an untapped field in Singapore, and we will be honored to get your opinion on this... X.

(5) I'm Ms S. from S. Publishing, an educational publisher in Singapore.  We would like to use a hi-res image of Silver Strings playing at the National Theatre in our music textbook... 

(6) Can you contact me? I'm doing research on TV history series for Singapore which covers pop culture. Would like to tell you more about it privately. Not sure whether you'll have access to my email when I post this. But I'll check back for your response. And see how we can touch base - CL. 

(7) In any case, it would be a pleasure to have a chat with you! I am free any weekday and the timings you mentioned are fine. Which day would be most convenient for you? C.

(8) Hope you had a fine weekend. My name is R., and I am writing from SG-based production outfit Peddling Pictures. We are researching for an upcoming documentary programme for CNA. Would you be available for a research call, about Daisy Devan? At your best convenience. Thank you so much and I hope to hear from you soon. R.

Just a few of many letters to this blog for Singapore 60's music information assistance, etc.


sleepybread said...

Hi Mr. Andrew Lim,

I'm PL, an ex student of yours from .... from some 20 years ago. Heard from EG (another ex student of yours) that he bumped into you sometime back & saw you on TV, much to my disbelief. And so, I embarked on this google search for the TV program you went on and came upon this blog.

I seriously had zero idea you were a celebrity, just that you love to sing a few verses here and there during classes.

I'm not doing any researches nor planning to interview you on your vast knowledge on music. But would you have time for tea with me when you're free?

Best Regards,


ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi sleepybread,

Thanks for writing. If you write to me again leaving your email address and mobile number (I won't publish your letter), I shall get in touch with you...

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...


Hi Andy,
I love to get in contact with you, I have questions regarding the Blue Diamonds and others. I came across your blog and think you'll be the best to talk to.
Thank you!

Hi T,
I'm fine with your request but please provide me details about yourself and why you need the information.
I need to have your background for my own security.

I shall not publish your letter.