Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Elvis Meets Trump and Clinton @ Las Vegas

I'm going to keep on the run
I'm going to have me some fun
If it costs me my very last dime
If I wind up broke up well
I'll always remember 

That I had a swinging time
(Doc Pomus/Mort Shuman: 1963)
Would be great if Elvis Presley could meet Mr Donald Trump and Mrs Hillary Clinton tomorrow morning (Singapore time) when the two presidential candidates converged at Las Vegas for their third and final debate.

Well it all started when Elvis wanted to meet President Nixon cause the King had something he needed from the President? On the red-eye to Washington, Elvis scribbled a letter to President Nixon. 

"Sir, I can and will be of any service that I can to help the country out," he wrote. All he wanted in return was a federal agent's badge. 

"I would love to meet you," he added. They did and became best of friends. So the proof is the above image 1.

He was so encouraged by Mr Nixon's friendliness that he thought he might just visit Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton before both went on stage for their final debate at Las Vegas.

So this morning, he flew all the way, in his private jet, from Washington D.C. to Las Vegas where the great debate was to be held at the University of Nevada. He was lucky again and instead of meeting one, he met two Trumps. It was Elvis' big evening. Imagine meeting two of them at one go. Image 2 shows Elvis with his moon-glasses, trying to take a photo with the two Mr Trump. 

When Elvis was asked his feelings after meeting The Donald, he said, "I'd love to change my hairstyle. Be like his. Oooh, man! Must play jackpot. Imagine, instead of getting one trump card I got two. And in Vegas. I'm all shook up."

"Viva Las Vegas!" he shouted. "Now if only I can find Hillary." He managed to catch her outside the dressing room. She was her usual happy mood as Elvis chatted with her (image 3). Henri Gann's good friend and also Elvis' main lead guitarist, Scotty Moore managed to take their picture.

So there you are folks. These are real photographs, taken before the Clinton versus Trump final debate at Las Vegas.

It's a scoop! 

I am indebted to Elvis Presley, Scotty Moore and Henri Gann, (Moore's best friend), who wrote this article. Thank you all.

Images: Google. Thanks to the three photographers, without whom this post wouldn't have made it. Please write in if you are the owners of the images so I can credit you all.

Video and Lyrics: Viva Las Vegas sung by Elvis Presley.

                              Video by: Canal deElvisPresleyVZL4NB

This article is written in jest. The idea came about because of the debate venue. Las Vegas has always been associated with Elvis Presley and his hit Viva Las Vegas. The fact that he met Nixon in 1970 started the spin-off in my mind, why not a story about him meeting the 2016 presidential hopefuls.

The 3rd Final 2016 Presidential Debate 
Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Wednesday, October 19th
9pm ET, 8pm CT, 7pm MT, 6pm PT


Michael Romero said...

Elvis Presley endorsed Donald Trump's presidential campaign Thursday, citing the real estate tycoon's record of job creation.

"How many thousands and hundreds of thousands has he employed to make each contract, each building, all that steel, all that concrete, all his employees later on that occupied those buildings?" Presley asked. "Amongst all the candidates running, I think he's the best to take care of the 320 million people that are in America, because he knows how to do that."



Donald Trump erupted onto the political scene with the same intensity as Elvis. Though he doesn’t rock his hips like Elvis, his candor violently shakes up the political establishment. He doesn’t bang and swipe the keyboard like Jerry Lee Lewis yet rattles Washington insiders until their eyes roll back in their heads.

Like Elvis, Donald Trump brings his own style to the stage, an energetic, in-your-face, New York style that drowns out the classic pop tunes of the day. Our self-appointed political parents bristle at the intruder, will not allow a Trump nomination.


chakap chakap said...

One of “10 Outstanding Young Americans,” an award given by the United States Junior Chamber.

It’s a big deal.
Elvis Presley received the same award in 1971. It was considered his most treasured award.
Bill Clinton, John F. Kennedy and Dick Cheney have also been given the honor.


MB said...

The only original one is Elvis Presley and President Nixon. The other two pix are look-alikes and impersonators. Elvis Presley passed away on the 16h August, 1977. Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were unknowns then. So there you go! No way!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Written in jest as registered below article.

Henri Gann said...

Okay Andy if you insist...
Here are the Elvis songs that appeal to each of the candidate. Your reader probably will have their own list

Hillary Singing Elvis...
Return to Sender
Hound Dog
Loving You
Blue Suede Shoes
Love Me Tender
Its Now or Never
The Wonder of You
All Shook Up
Unchained Melody
Don't Cry Daddy
Teddy Bear
Stuck on You
She's Not You
Don't Be Cruel

Trump Singing Elvis
Jailhouse Rock
Don't Leave Me Now
Suspicious Mind
In the Ghetto
Are you Lonesome Tonight
Devil in Disquise
Stuck on You
Good Luck Charm
Wooden Heart
Crying in the Chapel
A Fool Such As I

chakap chakap2 said...


You don't walk away if you love someone. You help the person.

What we have to do... is to find a way to celebrate our diversity and debate our differences without fracturing our communities.

If I want to knock a story off the front page, I just change my hairstyle.

Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/h/hillarycli163610.html

chakap chakap said...


What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate.

Sometimes by losing a battle you find a new way to win the war.

You have to think anyway, so why not think big?

Read more at: http://www.brainyquote.com/quotes/quotes/d/donaldtrum153798.html

Henri Gann said...

After the debate tonight ..
Las Vegas was fun.
I was fortunate to have a Press Pass.
Here's what I heard
Hillary singing "Surrender" to Trump in the backstage
And Trump complaining and singing to himself
" A Fool Such As I "...
Please keep this confidential
It's not a Press Release !
Enjoy ...,

Henri Gann said...

Official Press Release ...
Elvis had just left the building !

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

I'd like to thank Henri Gann for both his tongue in cheek comments on this posting. If it had been Singaporeans, I would probably have been told, "Andy please take my name out of your article. I may get into trouble with the authorities."

Let's keep it cheerful. Any more comments? 'Political' or musical. No problem.


anonymous said...


"I'm going to keep on the run
I'm going to have me some fun
If it costs me my very last dime
If I wind up broke up well
I'll always remember
That I had a swinging time"

Viva Las Vegas: Lyrics
(Doc Pomus/Mort Shuman: 1963)


We, the people, were the big losers in tonight's debate. Both candidates had the opportunity to address serious problems with real solutions, but all we heard were platitudes and unrealistic plans.


Henri Gann said...

" A Day Without Laughter Is A Day Wasted "
...who said that ???


Usually the electoral college votes are fairly even for both candidates going all the way to the election. As you can see below it is not the case in this election.

America may still look like a wild west to many in Singapore especially with the election coverage internationally on TV and the internet. But believe me the majority can still think decent and not easily convinced by Trump.

Like a game of chess Hillary together with the Obamas and Bernie Sanders are invading Trumps red states. There are plenty of disenchanted women and minorities that Trump have offended to win over.

Michele Obama and Obama both makes terrific speeches. I like them both.

Hillary is an American that deserves to make history and she will, that is to be the first woman President. She is fighting new boundaries like Obama who is still fighting acceptance as the first black President.

Trump has assassinated her character and honesty that some have doubts about her.
This is not an election of the lesser of 2 evils.

It is about human decency and ethical behavior and Trump have failed both miserably. Truth will prevail and Hillary when she is President will go down as one of the best. I also believe that history will show President Obama well.

chakap chakap said...

In 2010 an ELVIS VIVA LAS VEGAS LP vinyl was released WITH

A1 Viva Las Vegas
A2 What'd I Say
A3 If You Think I Don't Need You
A4 I Need Somebody To Lean On
A5 C'Mon Everybody
A6 Today, Tomorrow And Forever
B1 Night Life
B2 Santa Lucia
B3 Do The Vega
B4 You're The Boss
B5 The Yellow Rose Of Texas/The Eyes Of Texas
B6 The Lady Loves Me

B4 and B6 are duets with Ann-Margret.

SPYeo (a frequent contributor) said...

Henri Gann's support for her is purely for personal gain... or he doesn't read nor watch foxnews.com or all along being 'poisoned' by he media over there.

I might be dragged into a long drawn vitriolic polemic and I'm not game for it. :-)

CNBC said...

Melania told CNN that her husband's words on the audio tape were not acceptable. In even stronger language she told Fox News that her husband's remarks were "offensive to me and they were inappropriate. And he apologized to me. And I accept his apology. And we are moving on."

I was surprised and impressed at her political skills. She also had a certain strength and toughness that reminded me she's a successful business woman.

Under pressure, with great civility, instead of viciously attacking these women, as Hillary once did to her husband's accusers, Melania simply said, "All the allegations should be handled in a court of law."

She correctly makes one think this phalanx of accusations is planned and organized. If not, why hasn't one accuser filed charges?

Indeed, Donald Trump, if he is to regain his chance, must pivot back to economic growth, jobs, wages, Obamacare repeal, border security, and destroying ISIS. Women, by the way, are just as worried about these issues as men.

I want to thank Melania for starting me on the path of restored confidence in Donald Trump.

—By CNBC's Larry Kudlow.