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Elvis Rare EP 1958, Scotty Moore Born 1931

(A) In my free time I would try to clean whatever small collection I have of my vinyl pieces. Some are so dusty that it takes heavy cleaning to clear the dirt but most have the usual film of dust settled on the vinyl surface.

Expert vinyl record business person, Gabriel Tan (The Audio Medic) advises that it takes only simple soap and running water to clean the surface. And I have been doing just that. 

While selecting records to clean, I found an Elvis Presley piece called, I Need You So and according to a *collector, is a "very, very rare EP - RCA Italiana EPA 4041 - pressed only for Italian fans in 1958.  This Elvis Presley record with the Jordanaires on RCA Italian Black Label is impossible to find."  

The songs include, Side A: I Need You So; Have I Told You Lately That I Love You and B: Blueberry Hill; Don't Leave Me Now.  

On another page, this same collector announced another Elvis RCA Italiana labelled, Elvis Presley EPA 30-072 and pressed in Italy with songs: My Baby Left Me, I Want You, I Need You, I Love You and  Blue Suede Shoes, Tutti Frutti.

This same seller has a background to these two Elvis Presley vinyls and he wrote:

"This is the first Extended Play issued in Italy but in the process of researching a fair starting price, I found out that it was issued in 1958 and only 2000 copies were pressed. Apparently, it is stated so on the bottom left hand corner on the reverse. 

I can't read Italian but I do notice the 1958 and 2000 among other words and numbers. The original Italian catalog number i.e. A72V 0072 appears on the back in brackets under the main catalog number but not on the label.

I sold a hardcover version of another EP, I Need You So,  last month for £221 pounds (*S$442). The feedback report on that sale is on the first page. This is from the same batch. 

The RCA logo is in  black  print in a silver  circle on the label. It does not have a center. As it is generally a very good copy,  I have indicated a starting price of  £30 pounds (*S$60) with no reserve."

(Image above: On my own copy of I Need You So.)

So there you are folks. Are these records rare? Me, I'm just a collector, not a seller.

But let us know.

*Approximate value, especially with Brexit.

Image: A Personal Collection.

Information was taken from a seller's website. There is no intention to buy or sell products on this blog.
                 I Need You So By Elvis Presley Video from: 1wolfiesLady.

(B) Expensive Elvis Treasures:
According to one Mighty John's Top Value of Elvis Vinyls in US$

10  1977 LP Moody Blue $1000
9    1968 LP Elvis Gold Records Vol 4 (mono) $2000
8    1954 45 That's All right $2000 
7    1973 LP Aloha from Hawaii (Chicken of Sea Sticker $3500
6    1968 LP Speedway (mono) $4000
5    1956 EP Most Talked About Personality $6000
4    1959 EP King Creole (Maroon label) $7500
3    1961 7 inch 33 Cant Help Falling $16000
2    1957 LP Elvis Christmas Album (vinyl red) $18000
1    1962 7 inch Good Luck Charm $24000


(C) SCOTTY MOORE (1931-2016) 84 YEARS 
A comment from the Trekkers drummer George Wang on Scotty Moore...

"Gosh! How long ago when I would catch the Capitol Changi Road Bus to get into town, then walk to Beach Road to see Elvis movie at the Alhambra Theatre. I still remember getting the nicest and coldest Coke in a bottle from the Coca Cola machine outside. Our senses and emotions were at the peak then."

                               Young Scotty Moore with Elvis Presley

Two-cent bit from me: Elvis was lucky to have a Scotty Moore, one of the greatest guitar players ever! 

List of top Elvis songs with Moore's accompaniment:

1.  That's All Right Mama (1954)
2.  Good Rockin' Tonight (1954)
3.  Mystery Train (1955)
4.  Baby Let's Play House (1955)
5.  Heartbreak Hotel (1956)
6.  Blue Suede Shoes (1956)
7.  Jailhouse Rock (1957)
8.  Mean Woman Blues (1964)+

+Why I choose to sing this song.

Image: Google.


jasper sng said...


For me it would be a problem. Moving countries and can't keep them. Any idea where I could sell them? I don't mind giving them up for cheap as much as I would love to keep them I can't :(

SPYeo said...

Wow! You really got some very rare and antiquated collections esp. vinyl records. Think they can easily fetch a very high price... like sitting on a gold mine.

Ever seriously contemplate the fate of your blog and the gold mine.


Mean Woman Blues is just one of the many hits he was enjoying during his hey days. There is no second.


Sold my records a few years ago. Not too many by him, EP. Got most of it on CD now. No one like im before or since.

chakap chakap said...

Winfield Scott "Scotty" Moore III (December 27, 1931 – June 28, 2016) was an American guitarist and recording engineer. He is best known for his backing of Elvis Presley in the first part of his career, between 1954 and the beginning of Elvis's Hollywood years.

Rock critic Dave Marsh credits Moore with the invention of power chording, on the 1957 Presley song "Jailhouse Rock", the intro of which Moore and drummer D.J. Fontana, according to the latter, "copped from a '40s swing version of 'The Anvil Chorus'."

Moore was ranked 29th in Rolling Stone magazine's list of 100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time in 2011. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2000 and the Memphis Music Hall of Fame in 2015.

Moore died on June 28, 2016, in Nashville, Tennessee, at the age of 84.[18]

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

I haven't had much success trying to find out what an Elvis EP mint costs these days. This particular song especially is true. Unless you're an Elvis fan, you don't really hear it sung these days by ETA (Elvis Tribute Artiste) or otherwise.

I'm not in the business but it's nice to know as a collector. If there are only 2,000 copies of this particular piece and if you are an owner please write in.

Gloria Orgeta (You Tube) said...

Omg, I had never heard this song before. I LOVE it!! Gosh, I wish I could've been around back then. At least he left us such an awesome and beautiful gift which is his voice in recordings and his gorgeous face in photos and film. ♡♡♡♡♡

KRIS KUMAR (You Tube) said...

I found this song, after nearly 30 years and it sounds just as good today, as it did back then... Elvis you are the best... what a song...

Charles McDonald (DJ) said...

Once when I was dee-jaying I got a request for this song (after I challenged the audience to request an Elvis song that I didn't have). For the life of me I couldn't find this song. When I got home I found it on the complete 50's masters on Disc 3 and I did have it with me at the time. I suck under pressure.