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Chris Vadham Walks Proud With Magic Vocals

Want to know about Levi's blue jeans? And the famous song? Thanks to John Cher for introducing me to this sweet lady who responded so positively to myrequest that she writes the inside story about Walking Proud by WUB. 
Thanks so much Su G.

Hi Andy,
Here's my little contribution.  
God bless.
Su G.
Perth, Western Australia.

Talk about a blast from the past! Hubby and I met Andy through a mutual friend last week and over chicken rice (one of the best I've eaten, but that's another story) we waxed nostalgic about the music of the 60's and 70's.  No surprise considering Andy's links to the Silver Strings and Hubby's boast to being an original member of the Hilites, whose frontman, Matthew Tan, later found fame as the Singapore Cowboy and the band became known as Matthew and the Mandarins.    

But the nostalgia meter hit the roof when I casually mentioned that I worked for Levi's in the 70's.  Andy said: "Western Union Band and Walking Proud".  And I said:"Yup, I am the guilty party who initiated the band's recording of that song."    

The catchy jingle was produced by a Hong Kong-based production house through our advertising agency  for the launch of the Levi's 2nd Generation ad campaign.  The campaign was a re-launch of the brand, targeted at the youth of the day - the 2nd generation of the original proud Levi's devotees.  

The details are lost in the mist of time, but I remember that the boys in the band were a delight to work with, especially frontman Chris Vadham (RIP) who blew my bosses away with his magic vocals, and Abel Gan.  I believe the band performed the song live at the Levi's 2nd Generation launch event and might have been at several of the road shows which my team staged at various shopping centres across the island.  
                         Images: Jeans of different make. For illustration only.

The road shows were a hit - with leggy models in skin-tight Levi's prancing and strutting  to the Walking Proud theme song and disco favourites like, Do the Hustle, Bump, Saturday Night Fever...  As part of the ad campaign, copies of the Walking Proud Extended Play record were either given away or sold for a song (pun intended) with each purchase of a pair of Levi's 2nd Generation jeans.  

It would be interesting to know if anyone out there is still Walking Proud in his/her pair of  Levi's 2nd Generation and/or has the record.  

Article By Su G.
Images: A Private Collection; Ali Baba Website.
You Tube Video by Mr Rainbow. n stufal69.

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Morning Andy. No I don't personally know them but have seen the Western Union Band play in one or two clubs way back. Big fan of them.


Hi Andy,
Short and sweet article. Will stir up lots of memories for seniors like us. Thanks for making it happen. Cheerz!


Sure I know of Band WUB cos I manage them for about 10 years during the 70's and responsible for this Levi Jingle.

henri gann said...

...don't know the Western Union Band but they must be good if they are from the 60s. In any case, that is one eye catching story. Literally !
Good writeup.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

'Maurice Patton and The Melodians' You Tube Video.
Message below for: fhlew888

It would be nice if some of the information on your introduction be credited to my blog at ANDY 60's MUSIC. It took me some time to gather information for my posting. Appreciate that you do the same for future ones if info is from my blog. Thank you.

fhlew888 said...

With due respect, I may have borrowed your information for the production of the clip. It is gracious of you and it is worthy of mention indeed. Thank you and sorry for the oversight if any !

FEBO said...

I took time to slowly appreciate an amazing blog about 60's music in Singapore by a cool geezer called Andy Young.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...


Unknown said...

Dear Friends, Facebook or otherwise. Do visit this blog regularly. Andy Lim updates his blog very regularly and there is always something that would be of interest for those who enjoy reading about the 60s scene in Singapore and abroad. Without any professional help, Andy manages the blog entirely on his own out of sheer passion to record whatever he could of a bygone era in SG's music history. My view is that it is a more than noble task! The number of people in this country who is prepared to do something for nothing is very near to extinction and I am both proud and privileged to have in a meagre way contributed towards this entertaining blog. All the best to you in all your endeavours Andy Lim!

God bless!

John Cher

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you John. I'm at the shops now looking for make-up to dab my cheeks pink. It's gone red for some reason or other. :-)