Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Meeting Pop Star Edison Lighthouse' Wally Scott

If you're lucky, they say, you'll have stars showering down on you, like glittering objects off a Christmas tree. Otherwise you'll just see them from afar. Here's another interesting story about meeting pop stars. 

Allan Thompson, who hails from the UK and who contributes regularly to this blog, met a member of Edison Lighthouse, a group that was well-known for their UK Chart Pop Hit, Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes).

Read his note:
                                You Tube Video by john amers.
Dear Andy, 

This is Edison Lighthouse (above) from the 1970's. This guitarist playing the red Gretsch and wearing white slacks and a dark floral shirt is Wal Scott whom I got to know in the Channel Island of Jersey in 1985 when I was on holiday there. 

He is still a musician and I have been in touch with him in recent times. Before Edison Lighthouse he was in a rhythm and blues band called The Bad Boys who made a few records in the 1960's.

Good wishes,

Andy's reply:
Thank you Allan. The only time I got to meet pop singers were when they performed on stage.  These artistes included, Xavier Cugat, Abbe Lane, Cliff Richard, Anne Murray, Engelbert Humperdinck, Tony Bennett and The Vienna Boys Choir.

Oh yes, backstage with Rick Astley, when he was here a couple of months ago appearing in Media Corps Channel 5 pop programme, Rolling Good Times. Quiet he was, and busy. But we managed a shot.

Trouble is I never got in touch with them ever again afterwards... (sigh).

Have you met pop stars along the way? Tell us.

Andy Locke, David Kerr-Clemenson (bass guitar), Eddie Richards (drums) and Wally Scott (guitar).

The second version of Edison Lighthouse barely made the UK Top 50 with the single, It's Up to You, Petula. The next single was What's Happening?, and flip Take a Little Time, which was written by the band. They then went on to tour Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, and Africa.



Victor said...

Love Grows is one of my favourite songs. It is upbeat and catchy. Listening to it always brightens up my day. Thanks, Andy.

chakapchakap said...

21st September, 2015:
The 'original' Edison Lighthouse was Tony Burrows (lead vocalist), Stuart Edwards (lead guitar), David Taylor (bass guitar), George Weyman (drums), and Ray Dorey (guitar).

Ray Dorey currently works as the Managing Director for the Asia Pacific region of a large company, and a frequent traveller across the region from New Zealand to India. He and wife, Michelle, have lived in Singapore since 2004.

Ray has not been seriously involved in the music business since 1971, but stays in regular touch with Dave & Stuart. On a recent visit to see Dave and Stuart at a gig in Cornwall he got up and performed "Love Grows," the first time the three have performed together since the seventies.

anon said...

Wally Scott played the guitar from 1971-1972.

(from site: http://rateyourmusic.com/artist/edison_lighthouse)

anonymous said...

'Love Grows' was a hit in January/February 1970 in the UK and US.

Linda said...

Some great memories for me here! I have always loved 'Love Grows' by Edison Lighthouse! :)


Songs That Click In The Psyche:


An Ernest Thompson was blinded in an industrial accident in a sawmill at aged 18 and had turn to singing professionally to make a living. He was adept at 26 different musical instruments. Ernest died in 1961.

Three years before his death, in 1958, The Everly Brothers re-recorded the song. They took three days in August of '58 to perfect the recording of the song, which became an integral part of The Everly Brothers repertoire.

The song was featured in their 1958 Album SONGS OUR DADDY TAUGHT US. For some unknown reason, in The Everly Brothers album, Bradley Kincaid was credited as the writer of this song.

'The Lightning Express' by The Everly Brothers is one of my personal favourites. At the recent Jerry Fernandez show known as Pek Kio Keeps Rocking, on October 24th 2015, I had the opportunity to do the song with Peter Chua. A lady from the audience later told me that she could not help crying when she heard the song.


Sal said...

I worked with Wally Scott as a lifeguard at Northolt pool in London, 1976. Sally (NZ)

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Hi Sally,
You did?

That's very interesting. Would you like to tell us about Wally Scott? Would be nice. Please write in again if you can.

Used to live in NZ @ Karori near VUW.