Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Silver Strings Celebrate Singapore 50th Anniversary

It rained on 7th August, 2015

The Silver Strings
@ Promontory
Clifford Pier/Marina Blvd.
Friday 7th August
'Strings' Show Time: 6.30 - 7pm
8.00 - 8.45pm
Audie, Andy, Rickie
                              Nick, *Merlin, John 
Serene, Percy.
MCs: Moe Alkaff, Irene Ang

*Merlin Lim is the original rhythm guitarist for Shirley Nair's "You're The Boy" recording in the mid-sixties. 

Rain Refreshed The Music

The 7th August Concert at the Promontory was nearly a washout when heavy rain flooded the pitch. So the show was officially cancelled but when it subsided, the organisers decided to carry on. 

It was too late as many concert goers did not turn up and the supportive fans who dared the weather were challenged with a muddy field and intermittent climatic changes. Worse, the gig started later. But those who came had a treat...

The Silver Strings with MC's Moe Alkaff and Irene Ang
The huge stage with performance screen
The supportive audience

Audie, Rickie, Serene, Merlin, John, Nick: 
Sound check and practice

The evening sets in as the stars appear

Andy, Serene and Percy
My Hometown, You're The Boy and Johnny B. Goode

Back stage with audience, comedienne Irene Ang 
MC Moe, Andy, John 
After the show. Good night and Good bye.

Images: Google and Personal Collection.


suituapui said...

The Silver Strings together with the late Shirley Nair came to Sibu in the 70's - they performed at the Cathay Cinema. Merlin was with them - he corresponded with my cousin for a while after they went back to Singapore...until she left for further studies in Christchurch, New Zealand. They have lost touch now, it seems.

My favourite song by them would be "Come Home to me". I came across this SG50 video clip on them and I really enjoyed it a lot...

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you 'suituapui' for writing in. Appreciate your letter. Do write again and if you don't mind Merlin wishes to get in touch with you.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

It was a rainy evening. But we neither sang Carpenter's RAINY DAYS AND MONDAYS nor Eddie Rabbitt's I LOVE A RAINY NIGHT. Fun time with our two hosts.


Honestly Andy after the On, Off and Off, On and off again and finally proceed, everyone was a little mentally tired.. so cant think straight..haha Perhaps the next raining gig?? Cheers!


HI John no worries - I have yet to attend or listened to a live gig with no mistakes. I have even encountered blunders like guitarist realising he was playing the wrong song only halfway through it - by a topclass band. Frankly, mistakes and all is what makes live music interesting. If anyone wants to listen to music with no mistakes - listen to pre-recorded music. The paradox is even recorded music sometimes have mistakes too. Cheerio John, just enjoy playing music.


Hi Michael. Thank you for sharing your thoughts with us. It is true that mistakes are often made in live shows. We can only try our best to minimize them. Have a great week ahead Mike! Cheers from SG!


I guess the audience was singing "Raindrops Falling On My Head", while you were crooning" I'm Singing In The Rain".

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