Saturday, July 11, 2015

1950s To 1960s Pop Music Quiz by Andy Whittle

Pop Quiz 10 Intros (Golden Oldies)

Hi Folks, I  had fun trying out the quizzes. Here are two by Andy Whittle. Name each song title and singer or group from each video.

Answers are at the end but try to guess all before you check them. You can stop the track and replay using the pause button. Not so difficult except for a few odd ones. Images below to help. 

To change the format a little and to help those who are not too familiar with the music, below are singers and groups who could be part of the quiz.  All the best. No prizes but I can buy kopi...
You Tube Video by Andy Whittle.
Images: Google.
If you enjoy the quiz there are more by the man himself at:


D. T. said...

Fun. Thank you.

E.A. said...

Manage only One 1/10 Singing in the rain
Tough man bro

LL said...

I saw it. Simple. But No.2 was not.

RC said...

Hi Andy

This is interesting. I know only 3 from the first and 5 from the second. It goes to shows that there are still a lot of songs we are unaware of.

Anyway thanks and it is good test for anyone.


IC said...

Hi Andy, remembered these songs as i was still growing up.

CYLIN said...

Introducing the music quiz in your blog is interesting and challenging. Am wondering how you wrack your brain to come up with new entries. Take my hat off to you. Must confess I did poorly in both quizzes mainly because I wanted to answer within the few seconds time limit given. Didn't want to pause and replay - forgot or refuse to accept that my brain is no more that of the 60's.

Carry on blogging for the seniors (everywhere/everyone seems to be 'thinking/caring' for us this period). Will this 'sentiment' last????
Your blog must - for us and the generation(s) after. :-) :-) :-)

chakap chakap said...

Images on the posting show the young artistes of the 1960's:

Tom Jones, The Byrds, Shirley Bassey, The Searchers, Perry Como, The Tremoloes, Dusty Springfield, Johnny Cash, The Crystals.

Just wondering how they look today?

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you all for response. Some of you find the quiz not that easy. Similarly for me. Goes to show the number of songs even during that period. Too many to remember.

I have left these comments anonymous for obvious reasons.

I.C. is Ioleen Chia who busks in Singapore. If you pass her listen to her songs and guitar strums.

She's good and deserves an applause and a contribution!