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Rolling Good Times Singapore 3: Frances Yip Interview

Frances Yip: "Shanghai Bund" on Rolling Good Times - Media Corp.

Watch the interview with Dick Lee tonight on ROLLING GOOD TIMES (Media Corp: Channel 5 @ 9.45 pm) and let her explain how, as a police inspector from Hong Kong, she came to Singapore to sing.

According to the interview, Ms Yip has recovered well from an illness. She is in her 60's but looks 35. Just as pretty and slim as she was many years ago, Ms Yip sings gospels too besides the usual pops. Her biggest hit ever, *"Shanghai Bund", was so successful it rocketed her to fame. With some of her funds she put a deposit to buy an apartment in Singapore. Smart lady.

When Lee mentioned that she looked petite and young in her tiny dress, she replied that her retro dress was 30 years old.  Listen for the applause afterwards.

*The song which is in Cantonese, was not performed on local television.  For those who are not familiar with the dialect, a translation:

 Seung Hoi Tan (上海灘)

" Rushing waves, ever flowing waves
 Thousand miles of torrential river flowing ceaselessly
 Washing away all worldly affairs
 Bringing in a new world for you and me
 Is it happiness or sorrow
 In the rushing waves struggling
 Unable to differentiate the two
 Success or failure
 In the rushing waves unable to for see our future
 Loving you despising you
 Don't you realize that
 My love is like an endless flowing river
 Once it flows, will not retreat
 Flowing through the many bays
 And still struggling...
 My feelings I'm unable to suppress them
 In happiness and in sorrow
 Unable to differentiate them...
 Though wishing still to overcome those waves
 My heart has endured enough
 Of the rising and falling of love and of life..."

Translation by White Libra Texas.

Images: Richard Toh's Facebook and Media Corp Channel 5 screen grab.
 You Tube Video not from "Rolling Good Times".


The tragedy of the Mount Kinabalu quake that killed young Singaporeans shocked many people. As a nation we send our condolences to the families and friends of these innocent victims. They were children, teachers and mentors who came from Tanjong Katong Primary School. May their souls rest in peace.

All flags fly at half mast with a minute's silence before each SEA Games Singapore 2015 competition.

 Monday, June 8th, 2015.

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You really "rock" Andy n keep up with the fantastic work u have done to keep alive the late 60s n 70s memories of the Oldies but Goodies. Yes Sir!!!

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Getting nearly 19,000 viewers a month for a Singapore music blog without Google+ is truly amazing and I'm getting this support from many local people. I'm also glad overseas contributors like Allan Thompson and Happy Tay are still writing time and again to tell their stories.

Thank you so much to all friends and new fans.

ZT said...

Hello sir,

My name is Zach and I am a film producer, I am hoping to get in touch with you as I came across this post.

I am doing a short documentary of Capitol Theatre as would love to have you on board for an interview. I also would like to get in contact with Mr. Larry Lai, a well-known compere during the 60's.

I hope to stay in touch with you sir, please feel free to email me.
(Letter appears under Capitol Cinema posting).

chakapchakap said...

The theme song Seung Hoi Tan (上海灘) is a Cantonese hit and originally performed in Cantonese by Frances Yip. It was composed by Joseph Koo with the lyrics by Wong Jim. The song became one of the top 10 songs awarded in the 1980 RTHK Gold songs awards.