Monday, February 16, 2015

Singapore's Most Iconic Song: You're The Boy

12 Most Iconic Singaporean Songs

If you haven’t been living under a rock, you know that this year calls for the jubilee celebration for Singapore’s independence. The upcoming National Day would be a proud time indeed for all of us and it’s no wonder why there are already so many projects springing up in the name of our nation’s birthday.
One of them is a mega concert called Sing50 that will feature Singapore’s most iconic songs performed by local musicians and artistes. It will be held on 7th August at the National Stadium. Songs and artists have not been finalised yet so those who wish to be a part of this historic event can sign up on their website today. Not only will it be about celebrating Singapore’s 50 years of independence, but also shines a light on local music.
Inspired by this, we gather our own list of the most iconic songs in Singapore that have touched our hearts in one way or another. We tried to squeeze in everything but there are just too many amazing local music choices! So we decide to give you the top 12.
1st On The List
Song: You’re the Boy
Band: Shirley Nair and the Silver Strings
Around the early days of Singapore’s independence, a young band arose in hopes to pursue a path in music. Andy Young/Lim (above: centre) fronted the band as their singer for a year until Shirley Nair (below) took over. The second line-up of the band also saw Dickie Tan replacing David Chan on lead guitar. The Silver Strings released many records during their time. The song “You’re the Boy”, like the others, was written by Shirley. It was revived lately thanks to the short film produced for SG50.
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