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HT Long Gifted Singer Speaker Will Go A Long Way

                                         HT Long with Anyone
My New Year Posting

"I used to serve the King of Rock n Roll but today I serve the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords."
Meeting In KL:
When I went to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia recently I thought it would be a good idea to visit HT Long (Malaysia's Elvis Presley) during one of his performances.  Over the mobile phone we made an arrangement to meet at the venue where he was appearing.

But the meeting came to naught because I didn't realise traffic jams were so bad in the capital that a two kilometer taxi-ride could take more than an hour.  My family and I were living at Ascott Sentral service accommodation and taking a cab from there during peaks would have entailed some planning. 
Ascott Sentral K. L.
So the rendezvous was cancelled and HT had to explain to his audience that his special guest (I had no idea) could not be present that night. Because of the non-event we promised to meet in Singapore.

Meeting In Singapore:
On Sunday the 21st of December in Singapore I nearly missed HT again when I took about an hour looking for a church that I thought was a building with a steeple and a cross on top. I went round and round in my car to Lorong 6, 8,10 and 12 at the Geylang area searching for 5A/5C Guillemard Road.
5A/5C Guillemard Road, Singapore
The Google Map showed its location but I only found The New Horizon Church (administered by Senior Pastor Rev. Lawrence Koo) when I abandoned my vehicle beside a double yellow line ten minutes away from Wing Fong Building at the Kallang Road side of Guillemard. It was housed on the 3rd floor in an unobtrusive corner of the row of shop houses and a long walk from my car.
The congregation @ New Horizon Church.
A Testimony:
I was not disappointed. HT Long was something else. He not only sang Elvis songs to his  congregation of about 200+ people but entertained them and kept them in stitches with his jokes about himself, his family and his past when he gave a testimony as to "how Christ saved me".

I was taken by surprise when he introduced me as, "A famous blogger," but it was a little embarrassing though, compared to his ability both as a singer and power speaker.

HT was a joy to listen to as he pieced together his "condemnation of Christians in my younger days" up to the time when he realised his folly.  He spoke with much wit and veracity about his journey from Elvis to Jesus and how his family, especially his brother, played a big part in his conversion.
A Gifted Speaker:
Between anecdotes, he sang Elvis numbers like The Wonder of You, Love Me Tender, Falling In Love With You, It's Now or Never and other hits. Like my comment on his FB: Yes it was inspirational and HT is exceptional. He is not only a great singer but a gifted speaker.  He will go a long way to carry the message of Jesus Christ.

"I used to serve the King of Rock n Roll but today I serve the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords," stated HT during the service.  At the end of the event, CDs of his recordings were sold and proceeds channeled to the Feed The Hungry and Needy Project

It was an interesting morning and as I reached my car I noticed that there was no traffic violation ticket on my windscreen. 

I drove away listening to HT's rendition of, I Just Can't Help Believing.

Cut and paste below: You can listen to HT Long's Sermon @

Images from Google, HT Long, New Horizon Church, Singapore.


Paul Dowling said...

I've been in the music business for more than 35 years. I'v heard just about every impersonator all over the world trying to sing like Elvis but as far as I"m concerned HT Long is THE BEST Elvis Sound-Alike. He is "The Golden Voice of Elvis."

(The World's No. 1 Authority on Elvis Presley, Florida, USA).

From, "HT Long Sings The Golden Hits of Rocky Teoh" CD.

Toh Richard said...

I heard him at Bethesda Church.

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I love this song very much u are so Awesome. (You Tube)


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Dear Mr Andy Young,

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Linda said...

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HT LONG said...

Sorry for this late reply but
I was away in Hong Kong and just came back.
Thank you for the nice write up. It was really wonderful,and a great honour to have met up with you.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks to HT, Randy, JC and John Harper for the good wishes and holiday greeting.

God Bless.