Friday, November 21, 2014

Singapore 60s A Musical Revue: It's On Tonight! @ La Salle Institute! LIVE!

The revue focuses on  local Singapore  pop songs from the 60s, enacted  by a cast of girls and boys in glittering, colorful costumes, nostalgic music and vibrant dances. Can you beat that? Local 60s melodies are finally recognised by our youth.

Performed within the confines of a little theatre, the cabaret act was at its best. The stage was constructed just a little above floor level and greeted the audience seated within a nightclub surrounding. 

        The Crescendos/Susan Lim - Mr Twister/Frankie - eosyeo

The players consisted of a very energetic cast of enthusiastic La Salle students who are currently doing their graduate degree programme.  The revue was what I've always dreamed of when I started this blog i.e. an appreciation of Singapore's golden age of music.

Cast and crew worked hard to give you a treat like no other! Even though all 3 shows are sold out, you can still try your luck at the door! There will be food and alcohol! Come and join us as we bring back the 60s!

Fun Fact Of The Day from Musical's FB:

"For only 2 years (1964 - 1965), Andy Lim fronted Singapore guitar group and recording artistes, The Silver Strings."  We are excited to have him attend the musical!
                            CONGRATULATIONS SINGAPORE 60s! 
                                Thank You for all your support!

Silver Strings leader Audie Ng, present lead guitarist Rickie Chng, rhythm guitarist for a coming short film Lawrence Lim and I had a tremendously exciting afternoon watching the musical.

"Can I come again this evening?" I asked.
"Sorry Andy," came the answer. "Not even standing room!"
Please have another round of shows. 
"These singers and musicians were creating an extraordinary local pop industry.  Yet today, many are not celebrated as the legends and trailblazers that they truly are. May their legacy live on, not only for this current generation but for many more to come (Caleb Goh, Revue Director.)"

These boys and girls sang: You're The Boy, My Boy Lollipop, Lover's Concerto, The Boy Next Door, Bengawan Solo, Aaja Aaja, Boom Boom, Mr Twister and many more.
Cast of La Salle's: Singapore 60s A Musical Revue 
with Andy, Audie, Lawrence and Rickie.

My dream that this blog could influence some change and let our youth in on the 60s. Thank you Caleb.

Images from FB and information have been taken from the Musical's Programme pages distributed to patrons. Copyrights Reserved: La Salle Institute. 

You Tube Video: The Crescendos/Susan Lim - Mr Twister/Frankie -  eosyeo.


anonymous said...

Wаy cool! Sоmе extremely valid рoints! I ɑppreciate уou
writing this post and alsօ the rest of the site is also very goοd.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you dear fan, whoever you are. Come visit us again.

anonymous said...

Hi everyone,
My dad is Richard Khng. We were chatting about his old band and I happened to google and chanced upon this chat. He is very happy to know all of you are doing well and send his best wishes. He still plays the drums for church.


The above letter from anonymous appears today on a Saturday, May 29, 2010 posting: "Calling 'The Woodlanders' - You've Got Mail"

You can read the correspondence by clicking the post name above.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Local music from the 60s is finally 'recognised' by our Singapore youth, told by them using this musical as a vehicle. I am just as surprised after being invited for the show. I haven't seen it myself but will be going there to-morrow for the afternoon show at 2. I was told there is standing room only. If you have tickets, see you there!

AYSHA WONG said...

Hello Andy,

Thank you for the blog update! It's show day! (: Hope you'll enjoy the show.

Best Regards,
Aysha Wong

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AUDIE NG said...

Lasalle student presents Singapore 60 Musical Revue, tribute to Silver Strings, Shirley Nair, Veronica Young .....Very impressive & great act. Kudos.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Truly an impressive show with the young ladies in dazzling costumes, stylish 60s dance routines and powerhouse voices singing songs from Shirley Nair's repertoire, The Crescendos selection and Anneke Gronloh's favourite 'Bengawan Solo'. The show was fast-paced, went without a hitch and a truly entertaining package done in 60 minutes. Thank you to the cast and crew for this fabulous revue.


Dick Yip, Carl Hamm, Randy Lee and HT Long (Malaysian Elvis) like this posting on FB.

Aysha Wong said...

Dear Andy,

I hope that you enjoyed the show on Saturday. Thank you for coming down to support the musical theatre students.

We really do appreciate that you took the time to come down and invited your friends as well. And yes, do keep in touch! Hope to meet up with you soon for a chat. Once again, from the team and I,
Thank You.
Enjoy the week! (;

Best Regards

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ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thanks Aysha.

One of the reasons for doing the blog was to introduce to our youth our golden age of music. And this is the result after 5 years - enacting that period.

I am so glad the musical has turned out so well. Congrats to you and your crew too. And Wendy was so helpful.

Please keep in touch. If you're still at La Salle for PAJAMA GAMES let me know.

Warm regards too.

Laurence said...

Hi Andy, read yr latest comments on Lasalle. Very inspiring n encouraging.

ANDY: Pop Music Not Pills. © said...

Thank you Laurence. Yes I find La Salle very sincere in their presentation of the musical.