Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Local Pop Songs For Singapore's 50th Anniversary

              The brand new Singapore National Stadium @ Kallang

Singapore's most iconic songs will be featured in a mega-concert next year (2015) at the new National Stadium to celebrate the country's 50th Anniversary. According to a newspaper report, Sing50 will feature local artistes singing 50 songs in various genre and the four official languages.
Below is a personal list of local pops in English that have been composed by our own musicians. The idea is to reminisce with the older generation songs they grew up with and to introduce to the younger generation melodies that resonate so much with the history of this island.
     Sausolito - Western Union Band (1970s) - MrRainbow

Perhaps some of them may not be appropriate for such a celebration but these were top songs that had charted the hit parade in Singapore 60s, 70s and 80s. There are 9 songs altogether but this posting is just a suggestion to start the ball rolling. The list is not in any particular order. 

Image from: Zazzle Invitations
The 60s
Shanty - The Quests
Selina - The Dukes
It's All Over - Naomi and the Boys
You're The Boy - Shirley Nair and The Silver Strings
My Lonely Heart - The Thunderbirds
Do It Right - The Trailers

(2 instrumentals, 2 lady singers, 2 male singers).
The 70s
Sausolito - Western Union Band
Singapore Cowboy - Matthew and The Mandarins
The 80s 
Within You Will Remain - Tokyo Square 
 Within You'll Remain - Tokyo Square (1980s) - scorpiossnakes

I am not familiar with songs beyond the 80s.  You can start your own list and if your favourite song has been left out, include it.

Read what others say. Click comments below.

You Tube videos.

Image Google and Zazzle Invications
These specially selected songs represent the milestones in the music scene in Singapore and they represent the journey of the average Singaporean. - See more at:
SSingaSingapore's most iconic songs will come to the fore in a mega-concert at the National Stadium on Aug 7 next year. - See more at:


Anonymous said...

I dont like the idea of a concert in '4 official languages'.Save that for a RC event. I prefer a plain & focussed genre type.

Andy Young: Pop Music Not Pills! said...

I totally agree. But we're not involved as the song selection will only be local ENGLISH pops from the 60s onwards.

Thanks for the visit.

FL said...

Andy, I wish they include songs from Susan and The Crescendos. They were one of the earliest recording groups in Singapore. I first heard their songs on vinyl records (Philips label)when I was about 11 or 12 years old !! My late cousin used to play records on his gramophone in kampong days. The Crescendos is also one of my favourite group. I still play their songs but in compact disc (CD). Thanks for your sharing.

Andy Young: Pop Music Not Pills! said...

Yes FL, in fact they are the first group to have made a record in Singapore. But did they cut an original song i.e. one composed by themselves? All their songs are covers as far as I can remember.

Thanks again FL for your contribution.

chakap chakap said...

Uploaded by MrRainbow:

Western Union Band is a 70's famous band from Singapore. This is their hit song 'Sausalito'.

It's WUB's Greatest Hit released in 1972 and signature tune of the group, even to this day.

Video is in memory of Chris Vadham, lead singer of WUB who passed away in February, 2007.

chakap chakap2 said...

'Tokyo Square' is a pop band from Singapore formed in 1985 by Max Surin and his sister Linda Elizabeth.

Max Surin (vocals)
Linda Elizabeth (vocals)
Adam Surin (bass)
Mayuni Omar (keyboards)
Fazli (drums)

The band is known for its soft pop songs combining a unique blend of Chinese melodies and western instrumentation. Their popularity reaches far and wide.

It shot to fame with their Number One hit, "Within You'll Remain" a song that used the tune of a famous Chinese hit "Wo Ai Ni" (I Love You).

The melody and lyrics are attractive and simple enough to be remembered by many Singaporeans.

According to Wikipedia it was supposed to have been originally composed by one Donald Ashley and band, CHYNA.


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JAMES SEAH said...

Well done, Andy! Pls keep uo blogging to share with the younger generations. We were "onceyoung" and the fond nostalgic memories with songs will always remember. Cheers!


Andy Young: Pop Music Not Pills! said...

I have highlighted two groups, 'WUB' and 'Tokyo Square' because they came from the 70s and 80s and may not be familiar with 50s and 60s music followers. There is no intention to specially promote their song nor any other group or song on the list.

Thanks to those who wrote in with their comments.

TC LAI said...

Hmm, how about Simon Jr. I understand all his records were released in Singapore?

Most sound original even if the melody was from some other song.

Andy Young: Pop Music Not Pills! said...

Hi TC,
I think it's more searching for original Singapore pop songs, composed and sung by our chaps.

Simon Jr. sings covers only, unless he has some original songs recorded. I don't remember any. Readers?

Thanks for response.


JC said...

Hi Andy,
Like you, I am also not familiar with songs beyond the 80s. Here's my personal choice for 60s ~ 80s period :-

Its All Over
Do It Right

Singapore Cowboy

Within You'll Remain


Andy Young: Pop Music Not Pills! said...

Thanks JC. You can have your own choice of local songs too. Any of them you deem fit to be iconic.

Danny Koh Pianist Extraordinaire said...


Well done in organizing this blog.

My opinion is that we do not have 50 original songs to grace this event. The most is 10 if not less. Quite sad though. I think Dick Lee has the most songs. Songs which you listed are originals. Within you remain is not original. Be cautious about copywrite laws. I think that song was written by CHYNA, a group from Hong Kong. Anyway enjoyed your blog. Wish you well.

Sent from my iPad

Andy Young: Pop Music Not Pills! said...

Thank you Danny. Appreciate the information coming from a veteran and well-known musician like you. I have the same view, that there are insufficient songs to "grace this event." But let's wait and see what they have in store.

I have taken some information from Wikipedia that explains the origin of WITHIN YOU'LL REMAIN and it has been posted under the Comment page. The "song was written by CHYNA, a group from Hong Kong."

If you enjoy the blog then I am happy because my reasons for writing are threefold: 1) it reaches Seniors, 2) it reaches our youth and 3) it reaches my friends, many of whom are music makers.


Fabian Foo said...

Dear Andy,

Hello to you again and nice talking on the phone.

From my side, we should include following songs by our own local groups in the 60's to be considered.

1. My Lonely Heart by the
2. Happy Happy Birthday Baby by
Naomi and the Boys.

There are still many others to suggest.

Fabian Foo

Andy Young: Pop Music Not Pills! said...

Hi Fabian,
Thank you for keeping in touch and for being a regular reader of this blog.

Yes, these are great songs by our local artistes. You are right. There are so many songs in this category. I hope, like you, others will contribute too.

ATURO said...

Hello Andy,

I am most certainly into all of the local pops. Many thanks for all your kind effort in keeping 'our culture' alive... please keep them coming.

Anonymous said...

Hi Andy!
We would like to invite you to come for Lasalle College of the Arts Musical Theatre Level 2 students' production. It's called Singapore 60s: A Musical Revue. Please do liaise with us at It's a musical production on the 60s and we do have songs by the Quests and the Silver Strings. The link to the event is , however, tickets can be booked through Peatix and it's free! We are left with the 22nd November, matinee show. Please do come and support us! (;

Andy Young: Pop Music Not Pills! said...

Thank you Aysha. Your letter is open for anyone to read.

Better hurry. Not many tickets left.